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05-21-2005, 03:43 PM
HI all...Just picked up two Tripplite Isobar Line Stabilizer/Surge Protectors for my system. I had a certified POS before so I'm very much pleased with the lower noise ceiling from the Tripps...but I've got two questions. I've got my amps plugged into the Tripps and I've head that's not a good idea...I've not had any issues to date but I've not cranked my system since using the what the buzz?...what is it not a good practice to plug your amps in to a surge protector...

the second thought is my units have eight outlets each...I run mono blocks so my system is pretty much split down the Tripp had the amp, pre, TT, DAC and a single speaker and the other has amp, CD, DVD (for burnt CD's as my parasound doesn't like them) and a single speaker. the eight plugs have four outlets that are marked "Isolated" and the other four are marked noise filters "first level, second lever...etc...etc.."...I plugged my amp, speakers, pre and TT in the isolated outlets first...then just filled in the rest...anyone got any thoughts on this?...thanks for the help!!


05-23-2005, 10:53 AM
It will be totally system and isolator dependant. The thinking is that a powerfull amplifier needs all the juice it can get from a wall outlet and anything the line conditioner does can only add resistance to the power source.

Depends on how many Amperes your system needs during music peaks and of course on how the isolator works.

Typically the outlets with the higest filtering connect to the units near the front of the system chain or the sound sources. Again, the thinking is, that these use the least current and all the other parts of your system would only amplify any noise introduced at the front end. By the time the signal reaches the power amp, its supposed to be big enough that additonal noise pick-up is unlikely.

If you can't hear any difference, then I suppose it doesn't much matter which outlets are used for which.