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Tahoe Gator
05-20-2005, 05:53 PM
I am looking for a discrete center channel solution for a plasma display. I have ceiling mounted left and right fronts and rears and, currently, no center channel. I have decided that the "phantom" setting does not cut it: I find I have to turn the volume up louder than necesary to fill in the center.

For reasons that I won't bother with, adding a center channel in the ceiling is not feasible. Nor is mounting it below the plasma since it sits just above a fireplace mantle. Thing is, I hate the way a center channel breaks up the otherwise clean rectangle of the display, but I can't think of any solution other than sitting a center channel on top of it.

One idea is whether it might be possible to paint a speaker and grille to match the wall color, which is not white (speaker easy, but the grille?). Maybe there are other creative ideas out there. Any and all welcome. Thanks