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05-20-2005, 09:12 AM
First off, to state that these guys are continuing their enamorment of *Beatlesque* music is an understatement. The song <i>Who Killed Tangering</i> is testament to that. Not only is it's crescendoing chorus, horns section and hand clapping lifted directly from *Hey Jude*, the bass line during the verses is very derrivative of *Come Together*. But they some how pull it off, because it is a very catchy tune. Same with most of this CD. The songs from this album seem to be reminiscent of other bands, and not so much the <b>TFF</b> we came to know in the early '80s. The title track is a Sir Paul sound-alike (and a good one at that) from his early albums. <i>Closest Thing To Heaven</i> and <i>Who You Are</i> are a good take on <b>TFF's</b> early Motown influenced sound, while <i>Call Me Mellow</i> sounds like something that could have come from <b>XTC</b>' s <u>Oranges and Lemons</u> album. The album's closer, <i>Last Days On Earth</i>, is a gorgeous paean to '70s Philly soul that would make Hall & Oats jealous. All in all, its a good album, it just isn't a classic TFF album. Its a keeper, but what's missing is the longer, multi-textured songs of their heyday in the '80s. There's nothing on this album I'd describe as complex or even plush by TFF standards.

One major beef with this album is that the slower songs are hard to listen to, simply because of the way this CD sounds. We've touched on this concerning <b>Deadwing</b>, and that the amount compression used during mixing. (This may also be the reason why I can't listen to <b>The Vines</b>) It could also mean that the album is over-produced, but that is what was said about <i>Seeds Of Love</i>, which was a great sounding CD, IMO. But I tried to listen to this CD on headphones and I felt fatigued halfway through. This will really weigh heavy on me as I consider future purchases. The quality of pre-recorded CDs was the reason I never considered downloading or bootlegs, but what with record companies seemingly trying to zero in on this consumer base, I can't imagine why anyone would pay for an MP3 sounding CD that one can 'pirate' for free.

05-20-2005, 09:20 AM
I pretty much agree with your assessment 100%. Someday, this CD might click with me, but it just hasn't yet.

"Elemental" is THE Tears for Fears album to buy.