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05-16-2005, 08:48 PM
Hello all,

First time poster, long time reader... well..

I just bought my apartment and started to clean it up a bit.

I painted and rearranged my main room, and in doing that i moved everything 90 degrees.
That means that I must remount my surround speakers.

The room:

Basically 15' x 20' , but the size that i'm going to use for the setup is 15' squared. (the extra 5' is a walkway along the (now) back of the room. The ceilings are around 15' high as well.

The issue:

I've always mounted these surround speakers near the ceiling and with the screw-hole supplied plastic backing/bass port. This, of course, had the surround speakers firing above the listening area.. To compensate, I up'd the volume on these speakers. This killed the sound symmetry/phase of the room.

Another note: I place these at surround positioning, not rear. So these are firing from 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock.. not from behind. I do have a ceiling beam that protrudes out right above the couch, so I could mount the speakers right above the listeners.. if possible to point them downward, or at some extreme angle.

I know that this isn't optimal, but lowering the mounts to ear level would only leave 4' - 5' of space between the listener and the speakers. It would also obstruct passage from one room to the other.

I'd like to find brackets that would allow me to mount the speakers high on the sides, but angle them down at 25 - 45 degrees.

I've seen brackets that clamp the bottom of these speakers (approx 25 lbs), but they only allow for a 7 degree tilt.

These speakers have four rubber grommets on the back, and I don't know what these are for. Could these be used for a heavy-duty bracket/mount? if so, any recommendations one these?

Well, it's my first post.. so I hope it holds up and makes sense.

I'll try to explain anything further that seems unclear now.

Thanks for any and all comments,

05-18-2005, 04:01 PM
Nobody has any opinions or leads?

Come on now.. If I left something out, just let me know.. I'll fill ya in.