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05-16-2005, 04:48 PM
Dude, another outstanding set of unexpected music. Spun them all at least once so far and we are both enjoying them. So many sounds like so and so bands. That Animals track is awesome. Don't remember ever hearing that version.

Thanks Mucho,


05-17-2005, 07:41 AM
Glad you liked it OK. That (V-22/23) was a mix of scraps from some old LPs I've been going through and digitially converting.... all UK bands of the 68-75 era. Generally lesser knowns, but good bands that escaped many ears.

I consider tier-1 (popularity & quality) as bands like the Who, Lep Zep, Cream, Fleetwood Mac, Stones, PFloyd, etc... 2'nd-tier bands (slightly less known & popular, but equally good) as bands like Deep Purple, Status Quo, Mountain, Uriah Heep, Taste, Thin Lizzy, Humble Pie, etc. The bands I used there were primarily tier-3... bands like Mouse, Becket, Shoot, Quicksand, I Drive, Stud... plus some that are better known (tier 2)... Spooky Tooth, Chicken Shack, Alan Hull, Eric Burden, Mott the Hoople, etc. So it's a mixed bag... aimed at those who might want to dig a bit deeper than just what the major radio stations & music industry were big on during those years.

I actually put that comp together last fall but just got around to getting them out to listeners over here. Other copies went out to Chip, JDaniel, J, PPopGuy, BradH, & Troy. I'll be sending out to Finch, Darren, Pelv soon too. I've cut down auto shipments to others cause I'm not sure who's moved etc, and w/o feedback I assume the worst (Plus I often miss reading the board for long stretches.) Anyone else interested just give a PM, e-mail or form-link. I had an mp3 sample of edits from a few cuts up, but took it down last winter. I guess this will have to do:
More info on the bands here (http://www.timemasheen.com/m/cd/v22.html)

05-17-2005, 12:52 PM
As long as we're giving shout outs to Jack70...I should mention that I've been lkistening to his old time Western Swing comp quite a bit lately. Fantastic stuff all over that one.