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05-13-2005, 04:29 PM
Well along the lines of my other post about timbre matching, I have another technical question. How imortant is the rear stage generally speaking? I do not listen to multi-channel music all that much. However, I do watch dvd quite often and really want good home theater effect. So, for movie watching I can see the need for a good rear soundstage. But, my preference is on stereo music listening not HT. See how this relates to my concern on timbre matching?? For example, I am seriously thinking about using all Paradigm speakers. I may use the monitor 3's for my front stage, the cc-370 for my center, and use my Titans I already own for my rear stage. Given that my preference is on 2-channel music listening it would seem at least to me that the Titans would work fine when watching dvd. However, the Titans are part of the performance series in Paradigm's line-up and the others(front stage) are from the monitor series. Will this set-up still work well for HT while watching dvd??? I been told I should go with the minis for the rear-it will sound better. Better for whom? Personally, I think the FRONT STAGE is what needs to be perfectly voiced matched such as in using the same brand, the same components, and etc. If I listened to a lot of dvd-a or sacd's then I could see a need for the rear stage matching up with the front stage as perfectly as possible. Until then, I am more than happy with my Titans. That is, I believe that as long as you have decent speakers to use for the rears then things should mesh well. Or am I wrong? Please share your thoughts. Than you.

05-14-2005, 07:53 PM
I think that they will work fine, but also depending on how much you care you might want to match them all. the diffrence could be very small or it could be very noticable. I hope this helps.