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05-12-2005, 04:51 PM

How to switch FM antenna signal among 3 tuners?
I want to play just one tuner at a time.


05-13-2005, 01:54 PM
You have two main choices. Radio Shack sells antenna switches most are 52 Ohm so you might need some 50 to 300 Ohm baluns. Baluns are those little cans with the round "F" connector on one end and the flat twin lead on the other, the flat twin lead is 300 Ohm the round coax is 52 Ohm.

The ones Radio Shack sells go the full gamut from remote controlled to automatic to I think a manual selector.

The second choice is for a "splitter". You would want a three or four way splitter. Splitters reduce the signal to each leg roughy by the number of legs. In other words, a four way would provide one fourth the signal level. So this may depend on how strong the signals are in your area. With a splitter all the tuners reveive a signal all the time. You could add an antenna amplifier ahead of the splitter to make up for the loss and amplified splitters do exist.

Channel Master used to make more of these kinds of things than you could count. Your local TV repair shop probably deals in Channel Master parts.