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05-06-2005, 10:56 AM
Long time since I've been back, but just got the green light from the wife to upgrade the speakers. Currently, I have a pair of BA 60s that are about 20 years old up front. Still sound pretty good, as I've had the woofers replaced recently. I have B&O Beovox 75s in back--they are old but still sound pretty good. I have a Denon AVR 2803 receiver, which I really like.

The wife just hates the "look" of these speakers and wants the B&Ws off the tables up front and the big bins out completely in the back.

Now, in an effort to get to the point, I live in a plaster and lathe 1920s house so I think going in-wall is a huge effort and expense and hassle. I'd rather mount the new speakers on stands.

If I go with Paradigm 20v3's as so many here suggest for the "best bang for the buck" should I just get 2 pr. (trying to keep to a budget of $1k) and then swap one out when I've got more $$ for some bigger bins? Can these speakers be mounted on stands?

Thanks for all your advice.