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05-06-2005, 08:43 AM
Oh wow, it's a good month to be in Minneapolis!

Already got my PTree tickets. They're playing at the Fine Line which should be a very tight intimate show.

I still need to find some people to go with to the Mars Volta show. Although none of my friends like pTree (going with my brother and his friend), none of my friends like the volta either. Time for new friends or what?

I haven't been to a concert since i saw Radiohead at Alpine Valley on their last tour. Possibly the most amazing show i've ever seen!

05-06-2005, 09:40 AM
When I looked at Deadwing at, there were already over 40 used CDs for sale (yeeouch) Why? Who knows...maybe its promo copies...maybe its the Euro copies that came out a month ago. But I thought PT was big over there...hhmmm.

Oh well, big sales never seemed to be a pre-requisite for PT anyway.

Maybe I should check out the Volta...any recs?

NP: Halo (Deadwing)

05-06-2005, 09:48 AM
I've been spinning Frances the Mute, their latest work, religously as of late in a hope to convert some of my friends. Sitting on the porch last night drinking beer and playing Sheephead, i went from Beck's new Guero, to Blues Traveler and on to Frances the Mute by Mars Volta...

I probably would have been killed had i thrown on Deadwing...

Their first cd is De-loused inthe Comatorium

Dusty Chalk
05-06-2005, 06:07 PM
They also have a little three-song thing called The Tremulant EP.

No, not time for new friends, but time to figure out how to go to concerts by yourself, perhaps.