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05-04-2005, 09:13 PM
As mentioned in another post, Adire has updated their lineup and the old Shiva, Tempest, and Maelstrom names will no longer denote individual drivers, but separate series with multiple cone sizes within each series. This is a huge departure and the specs on the new drivers have been posted to Adire's website. Needless to say, this markedly increases the choices that they have available.

Adire's forum has some grumblings from people who indicate that the list price has gone way up on the Shiva in particular, while the Xmax spec has gone down. Other posts on the Adire forum indicate that because Adire's no longer directly selling their drivers and moving all distribution to their dealer network, the "street" prices on the drivers will actually be lower than the list.

Anyway, here's the info on the new drivers, as well as a link to the Adire forum...

07-26-2005, 08:51 PM
Most people might not think of this but the Koda series (found in the Mobile section of the Adire site) can make for excellent HT subs. If you want XBL^2 but can't afford a Tumult, go for the Koda. I recently built a small sealed box with the Koda 10 and was shocked by the output from a 1 cu. ft. box.