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05-04-2005, 06:07 AM
If you ever get a chance you must see an early 60's Black and White movie called "Paris Blues". It stars the young and incredibly handsome Messers. Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier as ex-pat jazz musicians in Paris in the early to mid 60's. While the story is somewhat mundane... the music is phenomenal. featuring a stellar soundtrack by Duke Ellington. The highlight of this movie however is when Louis Armstrong marches his band across town, through the streets of Paris into Newman's club and initiates the best "cuttin' contest" ever put to film. I know Newman and Poitier are faking but Satch ain't... My God... it's like he's reaching for heaven... his eyes are rolled back into his head and fluttering.. his body is coiled with effort.. sweat running down his face and the notes... it is almost rapturous to watch this man play the trumpet. See this film if you can...

Da Worfster :cool: