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12-29-2003, 02:27 PM
Yikes, or did my jeans just shrink a couple inches!!!!! How many calories does beer have, anyway? It's just water, right?

Heehee, oh well, easy come easy go. Except the easy go part seems to get harder every year while the easy come part gets, well, easier :)

So you're probably thinking to yourself right about now, "this is sure a silly post", and I don't really have any plans in mind to change that impression, but just got a "2003 is Dead" comp from Jar and the second half rocks pretty hard. Not bad. First half is very cool too. Hey, who's the singer on the Death In Vegas - 23 Lies? She sounds good but can't place the voice. And I'd read some about that Avenged Sevenfold. Those guys are pretty popular, no? Fun stuff, although to be perfectly honest it does get a touch tiresome in the second half but finishes off kinda nice and quietly for the last three tracks. Thanks buddy! Tons more stuff I hadn't heard before and another year-ender making mine look bad :)

12-29-2003, 03:10 PM
I had surgery on my right elbow on 12/11, and I can't play any racquet-
ball for another week or so. All I've been doing is sitting around, watching movies, listening to toons and eating. Lots of eating. Eating stuff I don't usually eat and what is loaded with carbs. Sweets, heavy beer, potato filling (like stuffing only it's potato based along with some bread), name it! Carbs are the main reason that we're getting fatter as a nation if you've been reading the most recent published articles that are finally agreeing with the late Dr. Atkins. I can tell you it worked miracles for me, but not in regard to weight. I was never very heavy, but I have a cholesterol problem (I know I've mentioned this before) and, aside from losing about 15 lbs., my triglycerides dropped from 386 to 108 and my overall coount was down about 28 points. I'll be back on my low-carb diet after the holidays and I have no doubt that I'll be back to my old slim self. :)


12-29-2003, 04:47 PM
Does a bear crap in the woods? In other words, I can;t stay away fromthe sweets. But after january 4 th I will go back to Atkins.

12-29-2003, 07:09 PM
Mine always seem to fit the same in the back, only the front is ever a problem.....

12-29-2003, 09:12 PM
Although it's been a mild, wet winter here in southern ontario, the dark beer just goes down the same as it does when it's cold -- too smoothly.

My only saviour is a membership at the gym, but I have to crank the cardio, and extra 15 minutes per day, just to maintain -- really sucks, BUT on the positive side...........I get to listen to tons of new tunes.

Carbs are a curse to all forty-somethings,

12-29-2003, 09:30 PM
I think "23 Lies" is sung by Susan Dillane, though I'm sure you could have looked it up if you were curious enough.

yea.. I like what I did with the first 6 or so songs..

The new Cave In and Thursday albums just didn't really excite me like each band's previous albums did, but, well, I do like them most of the time.

I knew the Avenged Sevenfold would be too metal for ya. hehe :rolleyes:

That track by Stop It!! is kinda weird, almost as if early early Sonic Youth were trying to play emo or something like Rites of Spring... I dunno, that track kinda jumped out at me.. I thought the Slosher might like it.

I'll admit that the Killing Joke song goes on for about 2 minutes too long, but it's really kinda like Bruckner is in classical music..really stretched out..

Deftones are kinda making this stab at some kind of metal shoegazer music with that song "Minverva".. very dense.. I thought it might catch yer ear, but maybe not.

Thanks for listening.. my wife signed me up for Karate class.. should be fun.. been way too lax in my working out myself recently.. :o

take it eazy,

Dusty Chalk
12-29-2003, 10:19 PM
Beer has something in it (I forget what), that not only is fattening, it also makes it harder to lose weight. It's an enzyme killer or something. Only extreme runners will be able to keep it off.

I still drink it. But I have to admit, I don't drink it like I did when I was younger. I stick to the harder drinks.

They also say that red wine has anti-oxidants in it, and at your age, you should start worrying about those things.

Not trying to say you're old or anything (you are [more than I am, anyway], but that's not what I'm saying) -- I've already started worrying about those things, so I guess my point is, you're late.