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04-29-2005, 12:28 PM
Have recently finished my 3rd subwoofer, well maybe 2nd, as one was a cabinet re-build on the HSU VTF-2.
The first used the Titanic MKIII sub and 500wt P.E. plate amp in a sealed 2.1ft^3 cabinet w/ 1” walls, 1.5” baffle and bracing. Very rigid, no additional fill or lining. IMHO, great SQ. Application-stereo only

The second was actually for the little ladies stereo; I used the 10” driver from an old HSU VTF-2, and because of an amp mishap, the 240wt. P.E. amp. The cab measurements were using Hsu’s original dimensions. Because I used the 240 amp, I dropped one port tube.
The cab was built using 1” MDF, 1.5” baffle and the original lining material. IMHO doesn’t sound any different than the original, good SQ. Application-stereo only

The 3rd was intended to replace the Titanic in my system. I used the unshielded P.E. DVC 12”, Rythmik Audio’s 350Se 24dB amp, in a separate enclosure, and a 16” dia. Sonotube.
It’s a sealed design at 2.5ft^3, lined the walls with this one. Very good SQ. Intended application, replace the Titanic, actual app. HT setup(game room)

Of course after each build I had to spend at least a month with each one. What surprised me was how far ahead of the other two the Titanic was. It is on par with the HSU’s extension, understandable being the Hsu is a 10”, but I was really expecting the DVC to best it in SQ. Oh well, I think I will go play some music and appreciate my under- appreciated Titanic. Sorry so long, and a good day to all. :)

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