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04-25-2005, 08:26 AM
Did this guy have a music review presence prior to, or is this his claim to fame? I was just reading up on Kansas (based on Mr. Peabody's thread) and his review of Leftoverture rubbed me the wrong way.
But that's beside the point, he seems to have written an inappropriately large percentage of the reviews on, and at one time his name seemed to be on about half the reviews. Is it possible for one person to be that prolific? Is Stephen Thomas Erlewine a fictitous name? Are several people ghost writing reviews under this name?

Anyone know anything about this "person"?

04-25-2005, 09:28 AM
Did this guy have a music review presence prior to, or is this his claim to fame?
I don't know about before, but he and his brother Michael were the founders so most of the histroical reviews are by them. I guess they brought in a couple others when they got going too. Richie Unter...something or other was one. I first picked up the big rock book in 1995 in a closeout sale at Tower and was amazed at all the info. Never had anything like that before. I remember making a big list and kept it with me when I hit any of the used record stores to look for some of those many 5-star best of genre type of records that I'd never heard before. Coincided with a big local used record store going out of business and I came home from some of those shopping trips with big stacks of dusty old records. Solid black gold. Fun times :)

I think my favorite writer nowadays at their site is Heather Phares. She's been there a long time too. Agree with them or not, at least most of those early reviews had a pretty consistent editorial feel. Not like the haphazard, all over the map feel it has now for newer music.