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This Guy
11-14-2003, 08:33 PM
This movie was awesome. This had the best sound and video I ever saw in a movie. There is so much deep bass, and awesome use of the suround channels. It's only Dolby Digital 5.1, but it's at its absolute best. This is my new reference disc for showing off my system. And through all this action, the movie is really interesting, not just explosions and car chases. This is my favorite termintor movie, and it leaves it wide open for termintor 4. This movie also clears up the two other movies and really sums you up so you know what's happening. I'd say that 10+ year wait was worth it for Termintor 3. Hopefully I'll have this under the christmas tree this Christmas.


C Bennett
11-15-2003, 09:47 AM
I agree. I want it too. I watched Hulk and Finding Nemo both have some good bass sections in them but Terminator..... man this was the first movie that had so much bass so deep.... I actually had to turn down my Atlantic Technology T70 Sub :) cause I thought the neighbors may complain.

11-18-2003, 04:50 PM
I must agree ladies and gentleman T-3 is now my all time favorite movie for this year 2003.
Action,action and more action . I purchased this DVD the same day it came out as you can purchase new DVD's cheaper if you purchase the same week they are released. I will have to put this DVD on a scale 1-10 and ten being the highest as it scores a 10.
Great sound, great picture and most of all that real cutie blond T-X. She was bad to the bone in all aspects. I hope I can meet her in person some day although the wife may not like that .
Anyway I really did like everything about this movie and it is going to be my ref, DVD from this point on.

John Beresford
11-21-2003, 08:21 AM
Hey Guys,

I didnt even notice that you already started this post about T3 before I began mine; well, I guess we all have posts in here now regarding just how awesome this DVD was; REALLY reference quality, no argument. ALL DVDs should be made like this. Should be no excuse for lesser quality (on NEWER films of course).

11-22-2003, 06:20 PM
I will say this was way better than I expected.The action is almost unbelievable,especially the scene with the big crane,how the hell did they film that?I liked the ending too,caught me completley off guard.Unfortunatly I am living in an apartment at the present time so I cannot hook up my system :mad:

11-23-2003, 09:00 PM
Have to disagree. Not about the DVD because I have not seen it. The movie leaves much to be desired IMO

Years of waiting and we get one long, albeit well constructed, chase sequence utterly dumbed down for the masses. Gone is the Romance/Horror/Thriller/Action/Intelligent sci-fi aspects of the original and to a lesser degree the second picture. The original Terminator film, which is now perceived as out of date by many viewers, was actually the smartest heartfelt and scary film of the lot. At its core was a romance built on an incomprehensible timeline of fate. The successful and highly entertaining sequel brought leads Arnold and, a this time much tougher, Linda Hamilton back to stop a much more advanced cool as ice killing machine Robert Patrick. The film dealt once again with Fate but keeps a sci-fi feel with the terminator trying to "fit in" with society - and not being "such a dork all the time." If T2 lacked the Raw tension and pacing of the original it made up for it with largely revolutionary special effects, a very strong gutty female lead, and an engaging terminator son...err father son...err... robot/kid story.

Enter T3 and immediately we get the same scenes nearly shot for shot as our Arnold Terminator goes into a bar to get his glasses. An attempt at humour here works but on the hole the film falls short in the subtle touches of the previous film. Gone as well is Linda Hamilton arguably the driving force and reason for being of the first two pictures. Gone here is a threatening advesarial Terminator. Had the director developed the "Terminatrix" a little instead of creating a bag of tricks killer with adjustable breasts we might take her as threatening. The film follows the line that John Conner is going to try and stop the end of the world with the girl he would have married if the the second picture, presumably, never happened. The Internet forums can discuss the loopholes of logic faults in the timeline...I don't fault science fiction pictures as there is a need to suspend one's disbelief. Since they keep sending terminators back claiming they can only send one...well we're on picture number 3. Arnold is relegated to walking one line spouter because he can't get a word in edgewise as something is always about to explode. The rest of the cast is relegated to cartoon cut-out status.

The interesting thing about the new T3 is that the story has been gutted for action, the film is one long impressive chase sequence and yet it manages to be mostly boring. James Cameron must have seen the hollywood executive paws all over this franchise and smartly avoided the vapid cellulosed concoction that is T3.

11-23-2003, 10:07 PM
T3 in no way compared to the other two, but compared to my expectations was pretty good. I really thought it would be terrible, and it was just marginal. I don't think the story was a terrible as you thought RGA, although it certainly didn't compare to the first two. Like I posted in the old forum, the self awareness theme continued, showing how the downfall of the computers was the same as the men, creating a self aware machine. The terminator was the perfect killing machine, and the terminatrix was self aware, which made it a very imperfect killing machine. The ending was at least proper, I thought it would be a stupid happy ending, and it showed that the computers lacked creativity. The cool machines were created not by the machines, but by man. Of course, once again, it didn't compare to the first two, and the car chase sequence was way too long and overdone, but I thought it was much better than my expectations, which wasn't much, but still.

John Beresford
11-24-2003, 07:32 AM
"Unfortunatly I am living in an apartment at the present time so I cannot hook up my system :mad:[/QUOTE]

So am I, son! In a studio apartment no less, and I have an 80 watt x 6 home theater setup!