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04-18-2005, 05:09 PM
I can get a set of floor model ( used since Feb ) for $500CDN ( about $370 US)

Is it a good price?

Should I be concerned about them being used as a demo set in a home theatre set up?

Is there anything I should watch ( or listen ) for?

Any advise is greatly appreciated; thanks

04-18-2005, 06:28 PM
Well I have liked everything i've heard from Athena and they are a stonkingly good bang for the buck product. Perfect? No. What is at this price? The only think that I would be cautious on is the treble which leans bright - dynamically they;re better than what I heard from the Polks at double the price -- the other thing though is that you want to be able to return them if you don;t like them -- this is big. I heard them in Future Shop which is just about the worst environment you can evaluate speakers. The AS F1 is normally $500.00 new. You may want to listen to it as well -- often time the model one or two down from the top model actually sounds the best -- it seems strange I know but it happens often enough to mention.

04-18-2005, 07:24 PM
$500 is alright. I paid 600 for mine new, but i get good prices at the dealer(spent a load of money on a denon/paradigm HT a few years ago, and they seem to remember it) What kind of amp do you use? be warned that these speakers will sound kinda thin/dry/harsh with some recievers/amps.

04-19-2005, 02:09 PM
I have a Yamaha htr-5730

Would it sound good? I have a large room.

I really like them, did not know if it was a good price,,,,

Thanks for advice

04-20-2005, 06:05 AM
Pickedthem up last night.

Love em !!!!
I absolutely love them.....!!!!!


04-21-2005, 12:27 PM
The only think that I would be cautious on is the treble which leans bright - Hmm, I respect your ears my friend RGA, but the numerous F2's I've listened to didn't sound 'bright' at all. If anything, a bit laid back. Hmm, I know the F2 is trying to cover a lot of range with that top woofer, so I'm wondering if we've got a frequency response or crossover issue not obvious with certain electronics. Great speaker for the money anyways.

FYI - The F2 has been discontinued while Athena is introducing their new model.