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04-18-2005, 12:26 PM
I have some old school Klipsch Forte's as my front speakers and I believe they are 8 ohm speakers...I have recently ran some outdoor speakers (Yamaha AW 350's they are 6 ohm speakers) from my "B" terminal of the main speakers so that I could listen to them outside while I cut the "A" speakers off that are for my home theater....My problem is that my right speaker outside is not putting out as much sound as the left one and when I bring up the volume on my receiver (Yamaha RX V800) up past 40 decimals it turns my reciever off competely...I then turn my receiver back on and it tells me to check my speaker wires. Well, I have checked them again and again and I know they are connected at each end properly so I was wondering if this could be a speaker impendance problem or not...However, when I disconnect the one bad speaker then the right one can be turned up as loud as I want... so that makes me think I might have a bad speaker cable to the left one....The problem is that I had these wires pre-wired as I built my house so replacing one would be difficult at best and maybe impossible...Any ideas or tests that I could perform would be greatly appreciated...