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04-15-2005, 07:06 AM
Picked up the new Marcus Miller this week. For bass players and fans of fusion
Marcus needs no introduction. This is his 4th solo outing and I must say I was
a little disappointed in the last two after his great debut CD "The Sun Don't Lie".

Before I critique the music let me first say that the sonic quality of this CD is
outstanding. One of the better fusion recordings I've ever heard. He uses some
new recording process that he talks about in the linear notes that I've never heard
of (and I can't recall the name of) and he's working with the engineer who recorded
with Bob Marley towards the end of his career.

As for the's another mixed bag for Marcus. The first half of the CD is
very good. Good rhythems, good solos and great support work. Nothing ground
breaking, but good solid fusion. Towards the second half of the CD he starts
experimenting with that dreaded bass clarinet that he's infatuated with for some
reason and interjecting vocals to most of the tracks. Guest artists include Eric
Clapton (who mumbles his way through the title track), Kenny Garrett, Kirk Whalum,
and his normal house band. In addition to his own compositions he does covers of
Edgar Winter, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Duke Ellington, and Ludwig Von.

Someone as talented as Marcus should be putting out better music than this.
With his playing, songwriting, and connections he should have a 5 star classic
in his arsenal by now instead of these slightly better than average funk jams.

This CD is worth owning if you're already a Marcus fan or a bass-head. For those
just looking for some good fusion with Marcus I would recommend his much
superior debut CD, David Sanborns "Straight to the Heart", Dave Grusin's "Mountain
Dance", Miles Davis "We Want Miles" or "Tutu", Tom Browns "Brown Sugar",
or Kenwood Dennards "Just Advance".

Overall ratings(out of 10):

Performance: 7
Recording: 9.5