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04-14-2005, 12:13 PM
There was an article in the paper this week about cell phones making the iPod obsolete. So I decided to try music on my phone (Treo 600).

First, I needed an adaptor to allow me to plug my stereo headphones into the phone's headphone jack. Then I needed to download MP3 software for Palm OS, so I selected Pocket Tunes, which comes with a 15 day free trial. Then I needed some tunes, so I made some Flower King MP3s and converted the latest Pat Metheny Group CD, This Way Up. Then I dropped the MP3s into the Hotsync manager, and sync'd. The tunes were copied to my 512MB memory card, taking up about 100MB in total.

Now I have about two hours of music on my phone, and it sounds just as good as my iPod, using my iPod headphones, which I think are awesome.

So now, if i pack the adaptor and headphones, I can have access to tunes wherever I take my phone.

It's no substitute for the variety of an iPod, but for those occassions when you're out with your phone but not your iPod and you want some tunes (stuck on the bus, waiting for someone), voila!

Now, all of this isn't free, but it's not too bad. Adaptor cost $10 plus $14 to ship in from the U.S. The software will cost $15.00 for a registered version. I'll need another pair of headphones (already have extra). Plus the cost of the memory card, which was about $80 bucks.

Now, if I have a smart phone and a substantial memory card, like 5 GB, there's no need for an iPod for the casual music lover.

Man, I love my Treo 600.

Cool technology can make life so goooood!