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04-13-2005, 01:32 PM
My wife wants a new MP3 player and she left the decision up to me on which one to buy. My wife wants to use it while she runs, and I want to add a input to my car! I am only looking for a flashdrive player not a mini harddrive so the ipod mini is out of the question. The flash players can take the constant movement of exercise and running.

I have narrowed it down to 2 choices, (I think)

The Jetaudio/Cowon America i2 And the Samsung Yepp YP-t7

Both of these players got the highest scores on reviews and they are similar in price. Anyone have either one of these and can make a recommendation?

plextor guy
04-13-2005, 04:19 PM
I wouldn't be so quick do discount hard drive players. I've been using the Rio Carbon for over six months on an almost daily basis. Unlike it's predecessor the Rio Nitrus, it uses a Seagate brand hard drive. It's been dropped hard on concrete and ceramic tile, been rained on and shaken and stirred. It still works flawlessly. It's Audible compatible, has hard bookmarking, almost 5 GB's os storage, is a UMS storage device (pc and mac), at least 14 hours of playback and has a sublime form factor. If you're set on a solid state player however, I wouldn't apply too much research or logic in your choice of players. Get her an iPod Shuffle and forget about it. Unless you're wife has geek tendencies, she'll appreciate the Shuffle on several levels.

04-28-2005, 10:23 AM
I had also been hunting for mp3 flash player for the past months. At last, I come to the conclusion on the guideline of what should u know b4 u get one :
1) Battery consumption - It should be able to last up to more than 10 hours.
Most of the flash mp3 players are o.k. mini-disc/harddisk mp3
player tend to have lower battery life.
Also the type of battery used in a player play a very important
role. U should get a mp3 player that uses "AA" or "AAA"
battery which is easily available. I prefer "AA". Its can last
longer. But however, due to compact design, there are also
players using "AAA" battery.

2) Firmware Upgrade - It's very important. This will solve any software
bug problem on your player. Some companies provide very good
support for this & some don't.

3) User friendly - Downloading of music should be made easy.

Finally, it depends on when do u want to use the player.
Flash MP3 - Can be use for jogging, sport. However, limitation on memory space.
Min-disc MP3 - Not advisable for sport use as player is more prone to vibration. Memory
space 5GB.
Hard-dis MP3 - Not advisable for sport use as player is more prone to vibration. High
Memory space 20/40/60GB.

I currently have a Dcube flash mp3 & a Iriver H340 Harddisk mp3 player.