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04-10-2005, 09:04 AM

I'm replacing an old Sony surround receiver with either of these two entry-level receivers:

Pioneer VSX-D814S
Denon AVR-485S

If anyone either has had experience of the two, or knows a good deal about them, please let me know. Probably one of the largest pluses for the Pioneer is the automatic calibration system, but other then that, any perks for either? Also, I'm looking for something that will last a LONG TIME with a lot of use (6-8 hours a day), sometimes for an hour straight of close-to-peak performance (I live in a dorm, so its a must!) Overheating is a big issue for me as well, and I was wondering if anyone knew whether one was better than the other. The price really isn't an issue, I found that they are relatively the same. Thanks!

Aric M L
04-10-2005, 03:07 PM
I use a Denon DVD Player and am totally satisfied with it in that regards. Also despite people hating on newer Denon products. I still find them to be a company that puts out a good product at a good value. I used to use a Pioneer Reciever and it wound up crapping out on me, but it was about 15 years old when it finally gave. I'd personally go with the Denon if I were you, but try seeing if you canest up a side by side compare on them. That might help make it easier for you