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04-09-2005, 04:33 PM
And I hope my pony
I hope my pony
I hope my pony
Knows the way back home

Davey's blog, part 2. So, before that trip to Sportmart and Circuit City and Trader Joe's today, I found a copy of my very own Twilight comp that I had asked for in the mailbox from Brad (thanks :)) with a couple other goodies, and headed for the listening room and cranked it up and gave it a listen and I do gotta say that this is a very nice comp! But that middle section just knocked me out because I didn't remember what was gonna come next. It starts with that Califone song "Electric Fence" which may be their career highlight. Love it to death. Jesus drains electric fences, to fill you again. Lots of electric in the air when that one is cranked. And then Tom Waits follows with that knockout "Pony", and then Willard Grant Conspiracy further fries my brain with the rainstorn opening of "St. John Street" and I'm floating away. We're naked undercover, in a tiny railroad shack, next to a line the trains don't run on, any longer.

Very cool ternary. Trio. Threesome, tierce, troika, triad, trine, trinity, triplet, tercet, terzetto, trey...