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04-07-2005, 09:34 AM
I am thinking or getting a new sound system, i listened to the JM-Lab diva utopia with a YBA CD-1 player, YBA Passion pre- amp and stereo amplifier and i was quite impressed with the sound.
My room is 11.5 feet by 22 feet
Now, would the alto utopia Be sound better ?
i will audition components from krell, audio research, classe audio, ayre and the yba.
WhaT would be the best mix in all those components.
Thanks for your imput.

04-07-2005, 06:28 PM
Honestly odds are no one can answer your question with regards to system synergy here and if I were you I would not trust people do the listening for you. All the companies you mention have huge supporters and I'm sure will sound excellent in the right systems and not so "worth it" in other systems.

If you like JM Labs then you know what strengths they have and perhaps the upper models are better -- the Mezza Utopia was exellent as is the Grand and the chorusline was quite good too but that was years ago for me.

Basically go out and listen to as many upper scale systems as you can -- hopefully in the same room --- then decide what the best system is to your ears -- then try and buy said system -- if you operate under a budget you may not be able to afford it but the "Mini-Me" version of it may be close and affordable. That is what I have done -- I can't afford the companies best but I'm trying to buy "dream system junior." And sometimes it's from stuff one's never heard of.

Again though most stuff is well reviewed -- most stuff is built well and most stuff in the high end like this is at the very least competant -- the question is whether you'll like it or not -- sounds like you liked what you use that system as a baseline -- go listen to competitors and see how they stack up --- something might beat it -- or they may not -- either way the more listening the more informed you are.

04-07-2005, 07:41 PM
You won't beat the Utopia's in terms of imaging and raw resolution. You'll beat them in terms of dymanics with some of the other speakers, but not by much.

04-08-2005, 02:49 AM
We have had quite a few of people in the Apogee forum that listened to the Grand Utopia and would not trade them for the midsized Apogee's- There is always a better, and the Grand Utopia is by far not the best you will find. In a class of boxes, you can take AN's flagship, Wilson Audio MaxII or the Apogee Scintilla and Fullrange or Studio Grand and make the Grand Utopia look quite bad. Is the Grand Utopia a fine speaker, sure it is but there are many systems out there that do things better than it. Look at the Genesis V or the Kharma 3.2fe or the older Infinity IRS Beta. I am only saying this in response to the above poster, that the Grand Utopia is not the end! It is the beginning of another journey.