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04-02-2005, 09:20 AM
I'm looking to start building up my home audio/video. I thought I would start with the receiver/speakers/sub and move on to the TV down the road (probably something HD, though I've not made a definite decision on that yet). I'm looking for a receiver for my apartment that I can run the TV/video game consoles/computer through. I would use it for a lot of music, as well as DVDs/movies.

I've been looking at HTSs that are around $500 (a little more if I think it is worth it), and usually come with the receiver, speakers, and sub (sometimes a DVD player, sometimes not, but that isn't as important). Lately I've been looking at an Onkyo HTS 770, though am by no means decided on what I want/what would be best.

Your site was highly recommended by a friend and said you would be able to help me out deciding on what would work best. I look forward to your replies. Thanks!

04-02-2005, 10:41 AM
I personally don't like ht-in-box systems, but onkyo's may be a good bet... denon makes a system like that too...

I recently took 3 months to decide on my system, but I went with a denon avr 2805 which I really like, and focal jmlab chorus s speakers... take your time and make sure what you get sounds good to you..


04-02-2005, 11:12 AM
Yeah, a home theater in a box is not the way to go. Sure its cheap and easy, but after a while when you start exposing yourself to more and different audio equipment, you'll realize what crap they truly are and you'll kick yourself for wasting the money. Consider a strategy that many people pursue: building your HT a little at a time. For instance, you can take what money you have now and get a solid A/V receiver and two front speakers. Then as you save, add a center channel, rears, and finally a sub. All the while, you will make less sacrafices of quality and be less regretful about what you put together. Take a look at Polk speakers: great quality for the money.

04-04-2005, 10:48 AM
Obviously if you plan to wait before adding a TV then quality music listening becomes a major requirement. Sound quality that's acceptable for movies and that is acceptable for music is quite different (at least to me).

While watching movies other than voice intellegibilty and nice bass for explosions a lot of sound sins are easy to overlook.

I would agree strongly with the previous two posts: Do not buy an all in one system especially at the price point you mention. Listen to other peoples systems with music (most owners will love to show off their stuff), learn about brand names a little and then buy it used. It takes a little longer but you get about twice as much for your money .

Speakers are tough, buying just a good stereo pair is an excellent sugestion followed by a decent center. Many magazines extoll the importance of matching fronts and rears. To my ears this just isn't important especially if it means compromising the quality of the fronts because of a package deal or price.