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03-27-2005, 04:17 PM
so i cheated, and i downloaded it off emule because i couldnt wait till tomorrow (apparently they are FINALLY releasing it tomorrow in europe after a week's delay), i inmediately played it and after the FIRST listening (sorry folks, its 2 am here, i cant do repeated listens) here's what i make out of it.
first track starts off VERY well. its the title track and it keeps the same "harder" style that we know from in absentia, instead of the more chilled out "spacey" ambience of other albums. it does, however, revert to the spacey music in some sections. Some of the transitions from the hard rock to the "spacey sections" in this song are VERY good. others could be said to be too sudden.
when moving on to the second song i was rather let down to discover that the album is not "one long song" with complex transitions between them but that its actually separate songs.
song#2 continues with the harder rock line, and the guitar is even harsher and distorted... OVERDRIVE!!!! however the keyboards are always there to provide a little break from the harsh sounds every now and then. excellent effects, but the whole band sound can get muddied up in the louder parts (it can also be my crappy stereo's fault) this track desperately calls for a hi-rez medium (VINYL PLEASE PT, ARE YOU LISTENING????) 192kbps probably doesnt do it much justice either
track #3 AAAND porky tree wouldnt be porky tree without a softer track with acoustic guitar and a soft piano line. I really like this song, the beginning reminds me of stop swimming, but when the drums come in the song progressively gets louder, even though it never come close to the two previous ones. i can see a couple more backup singers in this song. they obviously didnt share my point of view.
track 4# The moment u hear the first drum beat of this song, you know that we are off the acoustic mood. somewhat dark in atmosphere at the beginning, the very weird (but REALLY cool) melodic line that the voice is follows makes it hard for me to know whether its darkness or anguish. This time the overdriven guitar amps are sometimes surrounded by a very warm keyboard harmony that makes the song sound less hard. However the drum beat couldnt be more "metal". there is one point in the song where it reminds me of System of a Down. it calms down shortly after that though.
Track #5 Werent we missing a 12 minute epic? what would prog be without long songs? starts off like pure narcotic, then goes onto sth i hadnt heard before. remove the speedy drum beat and you are left with a guitar soaring above a bed of very spacey sound, but the beat seems to push it all forward, making the song move quite fast. There is something weird about this song that makes me feel as if something wasnt right, but not with the song, but with me. This is exactly the kind of thing i look for in music. awesome. then it moves on to deep unrest. the spacey cushion dissappears and we are left with 2 dissonant guitars resting on a continuous bass line and proppelled forward by the drums. after this, there is a section that could very well be taken right out of a Rammstein song... What i love about prog is how it progresses! however it soon gets out of the pit of repetitiveness that rammstein lives in. aaand suddenly, the guitars quiet down, the drums stop and we are left with a wowing keyboard background, a couple of piano chords, a very distorted drum beat and a very cool, slow moving guitar solo that reminds me of some of Knoppfler's stuff. After this, the beat comes on again. for the ending, all instruments start fading away, but at different speeds. the keyboards fade the slowest.
Track #6 the begginning of your song has you waiting as if some hardass guitars were about to break into the song, but they never do, in fact the song just seems to progress slowly and harmonically. the vocal harmonies here are particularly interesting.
track #7 AT LAST! some time signature changes and unusual time signatures. almost feel as good as some of Yes's. this is another song that mixes the new harsher PT sound with quieter, softer parts
Track #8 this track seems to blend on REALLY well with the end of track 7. nothing really shocks me about it, its just on par with the rest of the album
track #9 Apparently only the last track has survived the "hardening" of the band's style. a very nice song to cool down after an album that is far from being nerve-soothing.

I LIKE THIS!!!! its not at all like stupid dream, definately NOTHING like sky moves sideways, but it does bear some resemblance to In Absentia. keep in mind that i have only heard this album once.
what i really liked about this album is that even with the pumped up guitars and generally noisier songs they havent lost their finesse, their "touch". every instrument is still right in place and doesnt yell out.
a very nice album.

Finch Platte
03-27-2005, 07:35 PM
...for going to the trouble of posting that.

Sounds like a weiner!


Dusty Chalk
03-27-2005, 11:23 PM
Thanks for posting this (the whole thing, that is).
Some of the transitions from the hard rock to the "spacey sections" in this song are VERY good. others could be said to be too sudden.Sounds like my cup of tea; I'm in.

03-28-2005, 11:16 AM
Thanks for taking the time to type up your impressions Kaboom.

They've recently added some Deadwing tour dates, they sound fantasticly good live, see em if you get the chance. I know where I'll be 5/21, the Troc is an old burlesque theatre with decent acoustics, and good views of the stage from anywhere (burlesque required decent lines of sight eh?). The last two times I've seen PTree, they've started 30 minutes early - (won't get fooled again)

May 13 2005 USA, Washington DC: 9:30 Club
May 18 2005 USA, Boston: Somerville Theater
May 21 2005 USA, Philadelphia: Trocadero
May 24 2005 USA. Toronto: Mod Club
May 25 2005 USA, Cleveland: House of Blues
May 27 2005 USA, Chicago: Park West
May 28 2005 USA, Milwaukee: Shank Hall
May 29 2005 USA, Minneapolis: Fine Line
Jun 01 2005 USA, Boulder: Fox Theater

03-28-2005, 12:46 PM
I know that they're from the other side of the pond, but someone should tell them that Toronto is not in the USA.

That doesn't mean that I'm not happy to see them coming here! :)

mad rhetorik
03-28-2005, 06:44 PM
Sounds like <b>In Absentia, Pt. 2</b>. In other words I'll be waiting in line for this one. The snippets I've heard so far are more than enough to make up for the way dull and sterile Blackfield and then some. Steve Wilson is my hero.

03-29-2005, 09:05 AM
Still haven't heard any, intentionally. I skimmed the review as well. I really don't want to jump into the buzz.

I am REALLY looking forward to hearing it tho . . .

04-07-2005, 05:02 AM
Got mine yesterday.

Friend of mine received his from a mail-order distributor in Europe and then burnt a copy for me.

It is my understanding the American release will differ only that there will be bonus (or hidden) tracks included.

Has not hit me as strongly as IN ABSENTIA (very few releases will) but, still this album is very good..........I'm certain it will grow on me over the next few weeks.

04-07-2005, 12:23 PM
I know that they're from the other side of the pond, but someone should tell them that Toronto is not in the USA.

That doesn't mean that I'm not happy to see them coming here! :)

Actually, I think by buying tickets you have to consent to Toronto being part of the USA. I hate it when they force these moral compromises on people like that.

Maybe they'll take American money at par!

See you at the Mod Club (or sooner).