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mr. budget
03-25-2005, 03:21 AM
I have put 1 set of 12" cerwin vegas on front, 1 set cv 12" on surround, and have the cv matching center on center. It's a rxv650 I have and I can put another set on rear surr and another set on prescence. I wanted to but 2 sets of matching bookshelf (4 of them) and put one on rear surr, and one on prescence. This means the reciever will be driving 9 speakers at once...isn't that too much for a I know if I put all four 12" on front (a+b) then it'd be driving a 4 ohm load and if I drove them hard it'd be too much for the amp so how the hell could it drive 9 speakers safely. If I buy those 4 bkslf speaker + another set of 12" 3-ways for spkr b output, I could put them all on and drive the unit with 11 speakers...Isn't that crazy that it would allow me to do that...isn't that way too much for the amp...even 7 speakers properly set seems like it would push it too much,in 7 chnl stereo espcly. Anyway's what's the deal with these prescence out's what the heck does prescence do and why put prescence if it just means more stress on the unit...If I turn the bass down will it help the unit to function when using more than 5.1 because I think the bass requirement stresses the unit. What would happen if I tried to watch top gun with bass and treble high and used fr sur rrsur ctr prsnce (no spkr b), in other words using those 9 channels at levels like 25db and louder with levels turned up for high iompact movies or techno rap music...Would I blow up the amp? Would I blow spkrs, would it distort. Why let me hook up 11 or 9 speakers and then say I could only use half or less the volume...Why isn't their any warning about that...what about using 11 12" or rather11 15" woofers and then turning it to +15...Why doesn't the instr mnl warn not to over load the receiver like that...why is pluto the furthest star?...why isn't pluto a star? what is a semibeigplutonubularsuperconductingsupercolliderde sktopmodularwindowdashboard3of4starbuldozingdinomo rphorobotplantfoodroboticspacerobotcybergenicrobot icdashboardornament4000sp? Have a nice day.
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03-25-2005, 07:32 AM
I have 7 speakers driven by my Yammie RX-V2200 with no problems. These are all 8 ohm speakers and the 2200 I believe can drive a low impedance load which I'm pretty sure the 650 can't. Also it should indicate on the back of your receiver what ohm speakers can be hooked up. And if your unit has pre-outs you can also hook up a power amp to drive additional speakers. When I had my Studio 100's powered by the Yammie along with the other sets I didn't realize the strain these speakers had on the amp till I got a power amp to drive them. Once out of the chain all the other speakers sounded better, I guess the 100's where a huge power drain. I play my music loud so the amp is working hard but I don't think I'm driving it to clipping levels. The fan will come on when the unit gets hot but as I mentioned before I had no problems as of yet with all channels driven.
I am really impressed with the 2200 and consider it the most essential piece of equipment in my system. In 6 channel stereo mode, not to be confussed with 6 channel input mode the sound is as good as it gets. If this unit ever fails I will promptly replace it with the newer model.

03-25-2005, 12:22 PM
First of all, that receiver uses the same amplifier for the PRESENCE and SURROUND BACK speakers. You then set the receiver to apply priority to one or the other, therefore you would only be running 7 speakers at any one time. I tried that with my RX-V1400 and prefered to not use the PRESENCE speakers. Now on to the A+B speakers. There are, in fact, warnings in your owners manual about impedence. I'm pretty sure that those big CVs you're running are 4 Ohms and I don't recommend running two pairs on your front channel. For now I'd say buy one pair of bookshelf speakers and try them as your PRESENCE speakers for a while and then run them on the SURROUND BACK channels. If you feel that both connections are worth it you can buy another set. Keep in mind that the PRESENCE speakers are intended to be used with the DSP modes.

03-25-2005, 06:21 PM
Yeah, alot of CV's are 4 ohms, but they're usually very efficient speakers, so not much power required (relatively) to make them play loud.
I would not exceed 7 speakers on the receiver.
And if you are running 7 speakers at loud volumes for extended periods of time, I highly recommend you drop $100-$200 on a used power amp of at least 50 watts/channel to relieve the receiver of some of this burden. Adcom, Rotel, NAD, AudioSource, AMC can be found fore cheap, and offer a lot of bang-for-the-buck. you could probably find a decent Carver, Adcom, Rotel etc 5-channel power amp for a good price too that would be much more capable of taking a beating.
So start saving them empty brown bottles and quit super-sizing your lunches for awhile, and lay off the receiver a bit...Better safe than sorry, nothing worse than frying a new new receiver.

mr. budget
03-25-2005, 09:23 PM
The cerwin vegas are 8ohm and are really easy to drive, I've been using 5.1 and I think I'll stick to that. I have an old pair of speakers I could add to the rear for 7.1 for strictly movies at reasonable levels. I think you guys solved my problem...the amp! I guess discretion and common sense are involved and just like the instruction manual of a car wouldn't tell you not to use nitrus in a diesel truck there's always some guy who thinks he can and does...a bit of knoledge would be needed outsiode of the own mnl, anyways there's a major difference in hooking up large 15" speakers to every terminal compared to say say 8" to front and bookshelf to everywhere else,even if they're 8ohm to every's just common sense. The 650 does have the multchninpt and preouts I didn't know but I'm glad it does now that I realize if I wan't to run large speakers, it'd be wise to get amp, also if the neigbours got rough with me I could damage their hearing...Joking of coarse. Sorry to keep asking you guys the same elementary questions over and over again and rambling on but it has cleared things up a bit. thanks again.