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03-23-2005, 09:18 AM
Took a chance on this one at Blockbuster the other day and boy was I impressed. Implausible as hell but exciting, fast paced and suprisingly well acted. Adding Macy and Oscar winner Basinger gave it some class. The "Transporter" guy gave it some mean muscle (even though he slipped a couple times and let out his British accent), and the lead guy reminded me of what Ben Affleck would be like if he could act and bothered to read a script before he chose a movie.

The near real-time sequencing added a nice twist. Even the cliche'd stereotypes were amusing: 1) Obnoxious lawyer who gets his, 2) Super Ethnic Queen Latifah wannabee towing dispatcher, 3) Bad guy who refuses to just shoot the hero in the end (He must find out who he is first!) giving the partner, who was presumed out of the picture, plenty of time to save his bacon. Great stuff!

This is about as enjoyable a "Schmuck can be a Hero" movie can be!

4 Stars!!

Any other "Schmuck Saves The Day" movies of note...besides the "Earnest saves...." series!