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03-18-2005, 09:37 AM
Okay kiddies, after two spins, I have to say that this CD is giving American Idiot a run for its money as the best CD that I?ve heard this year. I don?t think that it?s actually going to knock American Idiot out of top spot, it?s not as solid a disk through and through, but it?s close.

Musical styles galour run through this fun, fun, fun CD. The opening Zuton Fever has a definite 60ish James Bond soundtrack flair, complete with saxophone. Confusion is the token ballad. You Will, You Won?t is just a fun R&B rocker with some really nice harmonies. Remember Me has a country twang to it that just makes you want to go outside and enjoy a sunny day.

Overall the disk just sounds like an action-adventure movie with a few slower breaks to allow you to catch your breath.

Well the cops are at the door
And you know that they want more.
They?ve got spears made for arms
Try to lure you with their charms
You can hear the guns outside
Watching riots with their eyes
As you move from wall to wall
Hear the siren from the gang brawl.

The lyrics are dark, but the music could not be further from brooding.

I was introduced to this band as an opening act for Keane. But don't let that dissuade you if you aren't a fan of Keane's sweet sound. This band is nothing like Keane. They were, by far, the highlight of the evening for me. Their fun rocking sound and tight harmonies intrigued me. I tried to buy the CD at the show but they sold out. I finally picked it up last night.

The CD was released on Sony, so it should be pretty easy for you to find. So?go find it! What are you waiting for? Go!

03-18-2005, 12:38 PM
I've had this a while now and I agee with your assessment of the band lots of fun stuff, I like the james bond reference you made.

I missed them with Keane, whose album I really like, They played here in town it sold out real fast I read the review, gave Keane a less than stellar grade (they played the album and that was it) then it mentions the Zutons opened, first mention anywhere that they were even going to be here. Pissed me right off.

Anyway, great cd.


np Kaiser Chiefs---Employment. Awesome

Jim Clark
03-18-2005, 03:21 PM
I'll have to revisit this I guess. I gave it a shot since it was produced by a personal fave - Ian Broudie, formerly of the Lightning Seeds. I definetly recall hearing some of that influence, but not enough to hold my attention I guess. "course around that same time I picked up Ian's solo album which completely blew furry chunks all over the place. disgusted, I probably gave up on the Zutons a little too quickly.

For a quick little bio on Ian Broudie and his producing exploits AMG has a nice little read on the Lightning seeds page one. The link is like three lines long so I'll save the looking up for the folks who might actually care to learn a little bit about Ian, and in turn, The Zutons!

Nice post FA,