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03-17-2005, 02:10 PM
In 1957 I was bribed by my parents not to run away from school, with a transistor radio. (Kids even then knew how to manipulate!)
They bought me a Zenith Royal 500 Deluxe.
This was some radio. It was the first tranny in my school (UK) and would have cost two weeks wages at the time. Not to them, though as we were living in a duty-free country at the time.
I still have that li'l' ol' radio, and it works!

05-02-2005, 01:12 PM
Fun topic! I was just thinking abou this the other day. Mine was a single cassette deck Zenith or Magnovox, most likely Zenith plastic silver portable.

It had a long handle that folder back and the grill was great, it was silver with these big pill-like holes! The dial was across the top and it used D batteries I think. The buttons on top had that loud snappy sound! I loved it! It was my intro to personal music listening!

I remember buying cheap cassettes in three packs with out cases at the local Zody's (LA area store similar to Kmart or Target...70's) and recording Journey radio shows and the US Festival! Darn it! What'd I do with those tapes! Aaaargh!

Then I inherited my brothers Zenith Allegro system, that made me an audiophile wanna-be at 12. :p