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03-17-2005, 12:41 PM
I have been shopping for an entry level home theatre receiver (<$300cad) and the Yamaha HTR-5730 caught my eye. Lots of features for the $, good sound quality (to my untrained ears), plenty of power (for my 12'x12' room), reputable brand, positive reviews online...seems like good bank for the buck.

Went into another store and found the receiver for a few $ less...then upon further inspection I saw that the receiver had a different model number: RX-V350

Both of the receivers look identical, same case, same connectors on the back...features appear to be the same. :confused:


Does anyone know if there is any difference between the HTR-5730 and the RX-V350? If so what is the difference?

I suspect it is a marketing thing. :rolleyes: The same amp with two different model numbers to fit the bottom slot in two different lines of receivers...but I want to be sure before I commit to one or the other.

Any help will be appreciated.

sh0rty :P

03-17-2005, 04:09 PM
...I think. :p

Found this on the Yamaha USA website:

Based on this it sounds like the cosmetics of the front panel are the only physical difference between the RX-V line and HTR line (for equivalent models). Other than that, the RX-V line is sold only through "authorized audio/video specialty retailers" and are not authorized for sale online. The HTR line is sold by "big box" electronics retailers (Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) and may be sold by authorized online retailers. (warranty is invalid for either model line if it is not purchased from a retailer authorized to sell that model)

They claim the reason for using different model numbers so they can use different ratings standards on the packaging of the ones sold at "Big Box" stores. :confused: But I think marketing of the model numbers themselves has more to do with it: The prefix "HTR" just makes you think "Home Theatre"...so less sophisticated "Big Box" shoppers will think it is better for home theatre? :rolleyes: ...and those sophisticated "specialty retailer" shoppers will have their ego's stroked knowing they have bought a receiver that is only available from "authorized audio/video specialty retailers." ;)

Based on this I'll assume the RX-V350 and HTR-5730 are the same...aside from the model number printed on the front & back. :rolleyes: (if you know any different, please correct me)

If you have any experience with this receiver, or have any suggestions, I'd like to hear from you.

sh0rty :P

03-18-2005, 08:11 AM
FYI, I just purchased a Yamaha RXV650 for $299.00. Yes, it was online. No, it was not an "authorized" vendor. It was new in original packaging for USA market, same as sold anywhere else. Probably came from the same warehouse. Purchase was online, protected with a credit card. Yamaha would not be thrilled, but they would have to honor material and workmanship nonetheless.

Any problems with this unit, I do not expect to have my hand held as though I bought at the local store. The process would no doubt suck. However, I felt the savings was worth it. It is a nice unit, I do not expect any problems. $300.00, no big deal anyway...


03-18-2005, 08:18 AM
Also, If you are in Canada, all the usual runaround with authorized and unauthorized dealers may go right out the window. Manufacturers warranty "terms" written for the USA don't even apply from state to state. Canada would be an entirely different matter.

You can look up the warranty regulations for Canada and see what your options really are. You may be able to buy from a US vendor and get a great deal.


03-18-2005, 01:39 PM
I have a HTR-5730s (silver) in a fairly small second home theater. For the
price I don't think it can be beat. I really puts out a nice sound. Some
people say that Yahama recievers are a little on the bright side, but I
don't agree. (I've had other Yahama recievers in the past, and none of
them put out a bright sound).
The only thing about the HTR-5730 I don't care for is the remote, but that's no
big deal (it's wedge shape, viewed sideways, is the opposite of most remotes).
Their are alot of HTR-5730's in silver that can be bought for a very good
price on the internet. Onecall.com has them on sale for $149.00.
If you want black, then you looking at about $200.00, at least that's
what they're going for at Best Buy.....vardo

03-18-2005, 08:40 PM
i think they are basically the same receiver.
i too was recently shopping for an entry level unit. i first had the onkyo 502. i liked it , easy to use, great sound, but the center channel died after 2 weeks. j&r was great and took it back, and i ordered the htr 5740. but, i was dissapointed with the amp. i did not think it did music well. the room was 12x24. at low volume levels it did not seem to have lively sound, i would have to turn it up and at about -17 db the music became harsh and fatiguing. it also did not have preouts other than the sub.
another issue was that i could not use coax digital to play dvd video , the coax would only work for digital cd. to get digital on that unit you had to use the optical connect and i didnt want to waste my digital coax cable. so that went back to j& r too on my nickel.
i decided to spend a bit more for an hk avr 235 ($350 us) and i am very happy with it. imho, you would be better off saving up and spending a little more for more power, whatever brand, incl yamaha.
also, i really liked the onkyo, but after the problem i had, i did more research and there seemed to be alot of refurbished units out there for a 2004 model,so i wasnt comfortable ordering another one. otherwise i would have.

03-20-2005, 10:27 AM
Well after all this talk about HTR-5730 vs. RX-V350...I ended up getting a RX-V550!

Found a store that was clearing out their last YHT-B5500 (HTiB) for $660cad (reg. $999cad) that I could not pass up. :D


Superior in every way to what I could have put together for that money with an RX-V350. The sound that the RX-V550 recever puts out is amazing...while in there another guy came in to test out some $1800 Polk mains (don't know model) and used this amp for the test...WOW! (he bought them) The speakers that came in this HTiB is very impressive too (ok...not comparable to the $1800 Polk's...but still sounded good to me!), wood cabinets, 3-way mains and center channel, 3 surrounds (for 6.1). I decided not to hook up the Sub, as I am on the top floor of a wood frame condo...and my goal is not to piss off the neighbors...moving into townhouse with concrete surrounded basement at the end of april, I'll hook the sub up then...but even without the sub hooked up the bass coming out of the mains is impressive...sounds better than anything I have ever owned before. Watched the opening of Top Gun at the store to test it out (WOW!), and watched The Incredibles last night and I was very impressed with the 5.1. The mains are also GREAT for stereo music (unlike any other HTiB speakers I tried out). I've never been much of an indoor music person...simply because I never had the equipment...I think I'll be moving my CD collection from my car to my living room! ;)

Thanks to everyone who gave some feedback.

sh0rty :P