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View Full Version : Took back Daewoo DVD player, bought Koss ($25).

03-16-2005, 07:17 PM
As you can see, I am rolling in cheap DVD players :D

As it was mentioned (below link), Daewoo DVD player had a jerk motion every minute or so, so decided to take it back. Very good player overall with alot features including several audio DSP, so hopefully the jerk motion is isolated problem.

So bought a Koss DVD player KD365 @ Sears for $35 with $10 rebate. This DVD player have less A/V feature than Daewoo, but all basic functions are there. It also have both Optical and Coaxial digital output (rarity at this price), PAL capable. Again, the audio output from internal DAC is not so good for CD playing, so digital output have to be used.

The mechanical operation seem to be solid, quick and very quiet. Been putting it thru its paces for last few days, and play everything thrown at it. This might be a keeper :)

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