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03-15-2005, 10:30 PM

I'm having trouble getting my PS2 hooked up via the front panel optical jack on the SR600. I am hoping I'm just missing something trivial.

I have OPT 1&2 taken by my HD set-top and DVD player respectively. On the video side, I'm switching the DVD and PS2 component inputs using the Onkyo (the HD STB is directly plugged into the TV). So, my presets look like:

DVD - OPT1, Component Input 1 (DVD Player)
Video1 - OPT2
Video2 - analog, Component Input 2 (PS2)

Now, I'm trying to get the ps2 sound hooked up digitally via the front panel. However, for some reason, when I assign:

Video4 - (OPT is implicit), Component Input 2

It doesn't work. I get no sound. The optical cable and ps2 both check out as they work flawlessly when plugged into either OPT 1 or 2. Is there something I'm missing with regards to assiging a Component Input to Video 4, or somehow enabling the front optical input?

I'm quite frustrated at the moment, so will appreciate any insight greatly.


03-15-2005, 11:15 PM
Well, my first question to you is: Does the Onkyo seem to be responding with your assigning optical (3 or 'front') ? I understand that you connect the PS2 via optical to the optical 1 and 2, it works correct? but if you assign the PS2 to the front optical input, it doesn't work correct? There is a small chance that you DO have to enable it in the setup menu, but I doubt it. Try the Sattellite or digital cable box optical connection on the front as well, and just see if it works, if it still does not work, then you definately need to enable the front optical input, or quite possibly your Onkyo will not let you assign front optical in with video 4. Let me know if you keep striking out and I will try to help you figure this one out. Hope this helps!, im kinda stumped too. -Audioman