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17 in 68
03-12-2005, 12:22 PM
No good deed goes unpunished....

Sent my low-hour Pioneer SX 626 into an authorized Pioneer repair center for general maintainence and "tune up," solely out of admiration for over 30 years of faithful service.

Although very well packaged, the gorillas at UPS mangled the box and its contents when shipped back to me to the extent where the power/speaker select switch was sheared off (to include scrambling the guts to the point of crossing contacts). The faceplate and one dashpot and a couple of knobs were damaged as well. Predictably, UPS is preparing to write a small check and nothing more in the way of assistance.

The authorized repair center mentioned above has just informed me the necessary parts to repair this unit are no longer available from the factory. Not a huge surprise.

I very much want to repair this unit for at least three reasons: 1.) an expensive piece of furniture was modified to house this specific machine, 2.) the damage is limited to what this DIY guy can and handle, and 3.) I prefer owning well engineered and built stuff, no matter how old, over alot of today's plastic junk-it-in-6-years trinkets.

So please, all you audio knights in the audience, rescue a brother in distress! Share your sources and send me someplace where:

the product familiarity is good enough to recommend a different switch that is currently
available from Pioneer that would fit the SX 626 application;

a boneyard parting out Pioneer products;

sells the SX626, as-is where-is (no warranty); or

sells a SX626 in good working order.

In advance, thanks for your asistance.


03-12-2005, 02:58 PM
There'sa forum specifically for Pioneer. And Sansui, McIntosh, etc...