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03-11-2005, 03:40 PM
After my trusty Toshiba DVD player hit the dust after only 6 months, I have decide not to spend too much on DVD player and treat them as disposable.

Sears had this Daewoo DVN-8100N DVD player for $38 with $10 rebater. So far so good and picture quality is solid. Played couple of CDs using DVD player internal DAC and sound quality is not too good. So one should use digital output for quality sound.

The remote is much better than Toshiba and clearly labeled. It is also compatible with PAL system, and when on screen display is called, it will shrink the picture-so both the picture and OSD can be displayed. I am noticing a one second jerk motion every minute or so (doesn't effect the audio), so I see if I can live with this abnormality.

By the way, this DVD player ranked second in the recent DVD players shootout (below link) in term of [error free] picture quality. Not too bad for a $28 DVD player :)

<img src="">

03-11-2005, 06:55 PM
Wow can't believe the price. Please answer these questions for me:

1. If you play a PAL DVD on this sysyem, don't you need to either have a PAL TV or dual system TV to see it or will it broadcast on any NTSC TV? If so, have you actually watched a PAL DVD?

2. Is there a way to copy the PAL DVD to say a NTSC VHS tape on this sytem?

3, Where can one buy this DVD player?


03-11-2005, 07:48 PM
Hi Hershon

You can purchase this DVD player from Sears store where I bought mine. You can also order it via their web site.

As far as PAL issue is concerned, as you said, one probably need a PAL TV or dual system TV to see it. When I push PAL button on the remote (playing NTSC discs), the picture goes out of Sync and keep rolling (NTSC has 60 Hz video synchronization while PAL have 100 Hz).

I am assuming if playing PAL disc (don't have any PAL Discs), it will not show on NTSC TVs since DVD player is putting out a 100 Hz synchronized video which NTSC TV will not understand.

For purpose of copying PAL disc to NTSC VHS tape, you will need a NTSC-to-PAL converter (about $100) to change its synchronization.

Hope that helped :)