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03-10-2005, 09:57 AM
I've been trying to decide on a 5 satellites that would compliment my flat panel display. So far I've listened to Definitive's Mythos series (too much $$) B&W VM1's, Kef KHT2005.2 's, and have considered Paradigm's new Cinema 110 CT series. I currently have a Paradigm PW2200 subwoofer (and possibly upgrading to the Servo after the comments on my previous post) so choosing a matching subwoofer isn't really an issue. I'm trying to keep the speakers small and stylish and keeping the sound as full as possible.

The three mains will most likely be mounted on a wide shelf under the display.

The Kef's (although they have had rave reviews) sound very tiny to me.
I liked the way the B&W's sound except I don't like the surround VM1 option (too bulky). I was sold on the Paradigm's (even without a listen) since all of there speakers I find quite easy on the ears. (I also own a pair of Titan's and Atom's from my previous HT system) until I noticed they have very limited bass response (~125Hz) and I was hoping to cross over my sub at a lower frequency.

I was also considering buying three center chanel speakers even though they would probably look much more bulking in the shelf. But they might give better bass response to match my sub.

I'm going to audition a Sib and Co. system from JMLab today.

Does anyone have any suggestions or comments?

03-12-2005, 04:35 PM
You should post how much you are willing to spend. Also remember than you can negogiate on prices so if you like something don't necessarily take it off your list just because of msrp.