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03-10-2005, 02:14 AM
I've finally adjusted to my 30" widescreen Samsung HD TV that I got for on sale $700 including free delivery/installation from Circuit City(I kept comparing it to my 48" Mitsubuishi HD for which there is no comparison) and am very happy with it. Before I go on, I totally admit my ignorance here, is there generally a significant difference in the picture quality of an HD widescreen 30" LCD & a 30" widescreen regular HD ready TV?

My question is, it seems lately that there are some no name brand 30" widescreen HD ready LCD's available in the stores here in LA for around $1200. Not that Samsung is such a huge name but its certainly better known than these companies (I'll look up the names on request).
If I bought one of these cheap LCD's, I could always sell my Samsung for about $450 or so.

Anyway, would you recommend against buying one of these no name LCD's? As a matter of principle, regardless of the brand, I refuse to pay as much if not more for a 30" HDTV than I paid for my 48" HDTV ($1700).