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03-04-2005, 12:30 PM
with a daily 1 hour commute each way, i figured Sat. radio was the ticket. I did some research and decided to go with Sirius. They are $3 more per month but have the sport packages i wanted and all music channels (65) are commerical free !!! No more car ads.

anyway, i chose the Sanyo CSR-10. It's a plug-n-play (everything you need)
The benefit of the Sanyo is it comes with a car and home kit for $150.

The unit uses a mini plug out from the Sanyo receiver and plugs into your A/V receiver by the familar red/white audio cables. (not sure how, but it clearly distinguishes the left/right channels)

I have to say the quality on most of the stations are CD quality or close to it. Only the classic rock songs (from 80's back) sound like FM. The setup is easy and quick. I was up and listening within 20 minutes. Set your antenna in a window seal, plug in an outlet and then into your A/V reciever. That's it.

Also nice, if you have room, run the audio cables into an audio connection (i used 'TAPE') and you can watch TV while listening to Sat. radio.

Two thumbs up!!!!!