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03-03-2005, 11:44 AM
I just found the thread from May 2003 where Ed does the comparison test between EFE and Gr Research speakers(crossovers). For the listening tests both sets of speakers were set on 24" stands with their cabinets inverted(woof up-tweet down). I said to myself "Self, you should try this", and so I did.
I like it! observations: Bass is tighter and better defined(not necessarily deeper but sounds better to me. Highs more extended, less sibilant, but cymbals have some nice shimmer. Midrange slightly less forward, male voice more natural. Soundstage and imaging better. These are small, but noticeable improvements, my ears, my room, my equipment. I have the modified crossover, 5 ohm resistor on board, 3.3 0hm resistors at tweeter +'s, Jolida 170l amp(with 5751's) NAD C521BEE CD.
Anybody else have theirs set up this way? Done any frequency response tests? Have any cautions about using them this way(they're topheavy, etc.)? Ed, what say you? Thanks Everybody, Tillerman

03-03-2005, 01:46 PM
Interesting results tillerman...To tell you the truth I tried flipping these too, but I prefer the tweeter to be on top. It put it just a wee bit above my ear level and things are a wee bit more detailed to my liking. Never noticed any change at all in the midrange or bass though. I have these running on a Rotel 1070 Integrated, and sometimes an old NAD 3020 just to give it a workout, but usually they're in my home theater powered by some Adcom amps.

Hey, go with what works for ya!

EFE Speakers
03-03-2005, 11:46 PM
I've obviously tried them both ways and also prefer the tweeter on top. But, depending on the height of your speaker stands, the width and angle of the speakers, the room acoustics and even your electronics, turning the speakers upside down may improve the sound as you've experienced.

The beautiful thing about speakers is, there are hundreds of various things you can do to tweak them, and if turning them upsidedown improves the sound, then absolutely go for it! How far apart and the angle inward (toe-in) is another major factor in how the speakers will sound. I prefer to place them approximately 8ft apart with roughly a 20 degree angle inwards. If you prefer a larger soundstage, face them straight ahead, but you'll loose a little imaging.

If you are demonstrating the speakers in stereo to several people all sitting on a couch, you might try crossing the speakers at an angle where the left speaker is facing the person to the far right and the right speaker is facing the person sitting on the far left of the couch. Everybody sitting on the couch will hear the entire soundstage as if they were sitting in the middle, give it a try!

Happy to hear you like the speakers, even though your whole room is upsidedown now! ((( ;

Ed Frias