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03-01-2005, 07:08 PM
Hello All
I'm new to this site and a bit overwhelmed with all the helpful info. Like everyone else I need advice. I purchased a home last fall that had a very large daylight basement (finished). Here is my plan. The room is 15'4" wide by 40'+ long by 8' high. I want to go 15'4"x20' for my HT. I have Paradigm on wall monitor 3's and cc-370 center speaker. Bass is covered with a PW-2200. I am using a Denon AVR-5800 with a DVM-3700 DVD player and a Mitsubishi HC3 front projector. I need advice on what rears to buy and where to place them. I was thinking dipole on the side walls or in-ceiling? or in-walls in the ceiling? Also need help on sub placement and finally some simple, inexpensive, wife approved sound dampening material. Additional info about the room- No shelves or pictures, carpet and leather furniture. The other 20'+ will have a pool table, frig, wall-mounted tv's and a card table. Windows have blackout blinds on them. Finally there will also be a couple sets of in-ceiling speakers strictly for music (seperate from the HT system). One last thing. I have been reading about the advantages of 6.1/7.1. My receiver will handle both these soundfields so would it be to my benefit to install speakers for this now? Thanks again for any help you wise men can offer. Look forward to chatting with everyone.