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02-27-2005, 10:17 PM
Well of the movies nominated(though I missed Finding neverland) the Oscars chose the only really standout film of the bunch.

I felt kinda bad for Scorcese as he has joined Hitchcock as a director standing in the close but no cigar camp.

On the other hand I would not want him to win as a pity vote. I think he got royally hosed for Goodfellas -- so I'm getting the sense the academy feels they owe him.

This is the third time since 1990 that I've agreed with the Academy Awards selection of best film. Some years have been pretty close calls in that they chose one of my top five flicks.

03-07-2005, 09:51 AM
I was pleased because the following DIDN'T occur:

1) The acadamy was gushed with sentimentality and sorrow (like the Grammys) and award Ray (a good, but not great film) the Best picture nod. MDB was clearly the best film nominated IMO and should have won.

2) The acadamy ignored Sideways, a very overrated and ordinary film IMO. A couple of pretentious wannabe snobs go to wine country and get laid. Big deal. This movie reminded me of a high-brow version of "Dumb and Dumber".

3) Scorcese didn't win best director just because he got screwed so many times.
Aviator wouldn't even make Scorcese personal top 10 list of the movies he's directed.
Should the guy who directed Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Good Fellas, Alice does live
here anymore, etc have an Oscar by now? Of course...but don't give it to him now just because the acadamy screwed up in the past. That reminds me of when Newman won for "The Color or Money". Newman probably had 50 better movies than that! Well at least 25!

4) Just because Ray is just a good movie, don't ignore Jamie Foxx's performance.
He clearly deserved it. Cheadle and Eastwood were good...but Foxx had more work cut out for him in his role.

My main gripe this year was the fact that Hotel Rowanda wasn't at least nominated for best picture. I thought it was a far superior film than either Sideways or Aviator....and even better than Ray. Didn't see Neverland so I can't comment there.

03-07-2005, 07:23 PM
Well I have not seen a ton of movies this year but I would have nominated
Kill Bill Vol2
Farenheight 9/11

over the Aviator and Sideways(though I probably liked this more than you.

I agree with Roger Ebert bang on on Spiderman2 which despite being a comic book film and despite the genre this was a well written smartly drawn characiture of the central three figures -- ie; it was smart and entertaining.

Kill Bill Vol2 had no shot due to the subject matter and the fact that peopel seemed to really love this thing or despise it with every fiber in their being...So I can understand them avoiding it.

Farenheight 9/11 Michael Moore railroaded himself by placing demands on where the film was going to be considered. The highest grossing documentary of all time and one of the best mocumentaries...and his best work in a relatively weak year. Granted right wing religious conservatives won't see the humour becauseany attack on George Busjh is viewed as an attack on God himself --- but to the sane segment of society (to quote Bill Maher) this was on par with MDB and if it won I'd have been happy. Moore will have to settle for best film at Cannes --- which is the artsier crowd anyway.

03-08-2005, 06:15 AM
I liked all three of the movies you mentioned but you are right...we are talking about three genres that will never see a best picture oscar: Superhero, ultraviolence, and Micheal Moore. I was a little surprised that Pulp Ficton was even nominated in '94.

I also agree that Spidey 2 was one of the best (probably 2nd best) superhero movies ever.
I find myself alone in this argument alot but I feel the best superhero movie ever was
the first Batman with Keaton. I loved everything about that flick. I thought X-men 2 was pretty good as well.

Another film I thought was better that most of the nominees was "The Passion".
I mean, say what you will about the subject material..but it was excellent film making
in my opinion. Again, the controversial subject matter along with some of the demographics of Hollywood would not allow it to be nominated.