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02-26-2005, 08:14 PM
have a sugden a21a Int amp in a 14 X 10 X 10 room. listening should be at 4 m from the middle of the speakers
looking for a quality Bookshelf with a good bass response of at least upto around 40 Hz.

Type of music: Jazz/Rock/Vocals/New age primarily.. classical not very often

Have heard the MMde capos with valve amplification (Not sure which amp) found it very involving and coherent. decent high freq response and amazing Bass for its size. does it have a suspect higher miodrange with female vocalists ?

Heard the tabelette as well. found the high freq response very smooth (think they are better than the de capos) good midrange but not so good Bass (I presiume the room being dead had something to do with it)

Have not heard the Trentes but apparently they are very good across the freq range too.(Hearsay)

I will not be able to audition any one ogf the following with my amp hence unable to compare them side by side on a common ground.

If anyone in this forum has heard these (At least 2 of them) could you give me your opinions on these ?

Thanks !