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02-21-2005, 05:25 PM
Deadwing' is the title of the new Porcupine Tree album which is
being released next month (March 28th) in Europe. This will be their first album since 'In Absentia' back in 2002

The USA version is being released a month later (April, 2005)

Here is track by track commentary directly from the band. . .

Wilson "A ten-minute piece that's very in-your-face and has no real chorus,
so it's an ambitious way to start the record. A very unconventional piece of
music. It's a statement of intent, a willfully un-commercial gesture."

Wilson "The big rock moment of the record, an irresistible riff with a Zep
or Soundgarden vibe to it. The equivalent of a big, dumb rock song, but in
the way that people who are not dumb would do it."

Barbieri "Very mellow and delicate, in the contemporary style of Coldplay
or Radiohead. The beautiful side of Porcupine Tree."

Barbieri "Gavin and I came up with this infectious groove. Has an
industrial feel a la Nine Inch Nails; quirky, abrasive, and repetitive with
distorted vocals, and an extraordinarily strange Adrien Belew guitar solo."

Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
Wilson "The center-point of the record. The most ambitious track in terms
of its horizontal complexity, and its length, thirteen minutes. Slowly
develops from an ambient keyboard intro. The band's progressive side coming
to the fore."

Mellotron Scratch
Wilson "The most chilled-out track on the record. Lots of overlapping
harmonies, and different three-part vocal lines simultaneously weaving in
and out of each other. I really went to town with that side of my musical

So Called A Friend
Barbieri "A short, fairly heavy riff-based piece. I really like what's
going on in the verses and bridges."
The Start Of Something Beautiful
Barbieri "One of my favorites; explores the band's love of unconventional
time signatures. It has a groove bass line, a contemporary feel, and it
washes into a beautiful textual finish line. Classic Porcupine Tree."

Glass Arm Shattering
Wilson "The final epic blow-out. Has more of the aspects that people
associate with the classic early sound of the band, our spacious, dreamy,
almost Floyd-ian textural side. That's obviously a big part of the band's

02-22-2005, 06:36 AM
Sounds interesting, I've been hooked on these guys since Signify. It'd be a shame if this album was a bust, and following up a "break-through" album like In Absentia is always difficult. At least they took their time to try to do it properly. My "most anticipated album of 2005"...

02-22-2005, 08:46 AM
I always take few PT disks with me when I'm auditioning equipment along with some Four Play...Screaming Cheetha Wheelies and a touch of Sade...that pretty sums me up.

Anyone not familiar with the above should check'em out...

Peace-out, Pogue