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02-21-2005, 02:53 PM
Hi everyone,

I was looking through several threads on the subject but was hoping someone could recommend what system I should buy to accomplish this since my needs are pretty specific.

I have all my music ripped to mp3s on my computer and would like to be able to access them from my stereo. All id tags on my mp3s are complete so I can find them quickly via artist, album, or genre.

I have a hard wired network hookup from my computers to the living room.

What I would ike to do is either through remote or wireless keyboard, to be able to do a quick search of my music collection and play it on the stereo. The point I want is not having to have a full computer in my living room to do this, and to have a quick and simple way of entering artist or album and then filter through the results.

That's pretty much it! I've been reading about the following units:
1. Squeezebox
2. Roku soundbridge M1000
3. Prismiq Media Player
4. Apple Airport Express

The thing is, I can't tell from product information which system would have the best interface to do this. I can imagine having just a remote would make it hard to enter artist's names, but not sure how feasible having a keyboard would be.

Do any of you have a setup like this, what do you use and how do you like it?

Appreciate any advice!


02-21-2005, 03:11 PM
I'm using the squeeze box running slimserver to get music from my computer to my sound system. I have it hardwired, but they do make a wireless version. You can browse you mp3 collections from the sqeezebox using the remote....somewhat tedious, but if you have it broken down into folders, it works pretty well. The newer versions of slimserver has my favorite netradio (live365) programmed right into it. Not sure how you'd do a wireless keyboard from a different room, maybe if you had a sensor for it wired from your living room to your computer it would work, but then your stuck with having a monitor and that would defeat your purpose. They have a pretty good discussion group through email from the slimdevices website. I'm sure someone there could answer your keyboard question.