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02-20-2005, 04:34 PM
I bought a used pair of hand made speakers...sound incredible (37" towers and a powered 10" sub connected through a rca mosnster cable left channel on the sub only - to the "sub out" on my sony 100w per/channel receiver - sub set at about 100htz - assuming the crossover dial really means anything as it is marked 60 and 160 only on each end, and I set the sub volume at about 75%...the towers have a soft dome tweeter and two 6" woofers, ported near the bottom -connected via standard monster speaker cable to the receiver).

Now here's the problem...I have to spread them so far apart...any further and they will be in my neighbor's apartment....the sub I have to put at a 45 degree angle leaning against the back of the speaker stand..sort of firing into the bottom of the tv...If I don't do this, I get massive orange and some blue all over the tv tub...looks like an old lava lamp.

Is there anything I can nail to the sub's or speaker's cabinets or hang from the sides of the tv to block the magenets? I may purchase a they make anything I can nail into the walls on either side of the tv to block the magnets? what about wrapping something around the subs magnet (or will that affect the sound?)