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02-20-2005, 04:31 PM
I bought a used pair of hand made speakers...sound incredible (37" towers and a powered 10" sub connected through a rca mosnster cable left channel on the sub only - to the "sub out" on my sony 100w per/channel receiver - sub set at about 100htz - assuming the crossover dial really means anything as it is marked 60 and 160 only on each end, and I set the sub volume at about 75%...the towers have a soft dome tweeter and two 6" woofers, ported near the bottom -connected via standard monster speaker cable to the receiver).

Now here's the problem...I have to spread them so far apart...any further and they will be in my neighbor's apartment....the sub I have to put at a 45 degree angle leaning against the back of the speaker stand..sort of firing into the bottom of the tv...If I don't do this, I get massive orange and some blue all over the tv tub...looks like an old lava lamp.

Is there anything I can nail to the sub's or speaker's cabinets or hang from the sides of the tv to block the magenets? I may purchase a they make anything I can nail into the walls on either side of the tv to block the magnets? what about wrapping something around the subs magnet (or will that affect the sound?)


This Guy
02-20-2005, 07:26 PM
nothing you can do about the magetic field. Keep the sub the way it is or move it towards the end of the room. They have bucking magents, they only work for small woofers and tweeters, not nearly strong enough for a sub.

02-20-2005, 08:23 PM
you maybe right...but I did some searching on ask some interesting results from people who tried...

"0.55mm steel, enamel or powder coated to colour with double sided tape on the back!! Really that simple!! Fitted in minutes. ...wrap around the side of the tv

and another...

"At the Home Depot, the first place that I went was the electric isle. (Naturally!) First, I saw steel junction boxes, which the magnet stuck to. I looked closely at a few, but I found that their surface had a few undesirable holes. Next, I went over a few isles to look at the air-duct materials. The flexible tubes were made out of aluminum, which the magnet did not stick to, but the hard junctions were made out of steel, which practically pulled the magnet out of my pocket. Bingo!

I walked down the aisle to find a rack of round pipe-caps for air ducts. The magnet stuck. Perfect! I bought one four-inch diameter steel air-duct pipe cap, returned a DVD, and rushed home. The cap stuck perfectly onto the back of the driver, and reduced interference on my test-CRT by about 50%.

The materials that you may use are either a fully-closed electrical steel junction box, or, preferably a steel pipe cap. You must use a metal that a magnet will stick to, or your shield will not work.

How I Shielded My Drivers
After the above experiment, I decided that the shielding provided by the four-inch diameter steel air-duct pipe caps was sufficient for the right, left, and surround pipes."


02-23-2005, 11:34 AM
I'm no engineer, but will that affect the sound of the speakers? What about over several years?