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  1. What would you pay for 1Gb/s internet access?
  2. Outlaw 997 pre/pro announced
  3. Sony BDP-S300 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player for $200
  4. Hello and Best Sounds for everybody
  5. CEDIA 2008 delivers good news for audiophiles on a 'budget'
  6. Guys, where have we been on this Bain acquisition of D&M?
  7. dum dum dum DA dum
  8. Sylvania Bluray Player $279 @ Sears.
  9. Heavy Metal Islam
  10. B&W launches 4 new speakers in CM Line
  11. Anyone heard the new Pioneer Elite Class D A/V Receivers
  12. Superman Sequel Canceled, Series Will Reboot
  13. Toshiba Launches XDE DVD
  14. US rank 15th in broadband speed.
  15. Batman Sequel Rumors: Johnny Depp as The Riddler
  16. Battery Free Remote Control.
  17. Marantz Launches "Pure Basic" 2 Channel Line
  18. International lingerie design competition in Beijing
  19. IOC: Beijing air is safe for one and all
  20. See Dishnet's new PPV cmmercials?
  21. LG Blu-ray player streams Netflix.
  22. Not AV PerSe, but GREAT FOR US!!
  23. New Free Audio E-Zine!!!
  24. HD DVD Lazarus?
  25. The Dark Knight to Break Titanic's All-Time Box Office Record? Merged
  26. The Dark Knight: First Hollywood Film Made in IMAX
  27. New Vienna Acoustics Website
  28. It's official....NetFlix on XBOX 360
  29. A bit of Arcam news
  30. PIONEER cutting plasma models
  31. JVC and Kenwood merger finalized.
  32. Blockbuster Busts Its Circuit City Offer
  33. sounding the death-knell for DRM?
  34. Sony claims disc-based media doomed
  35. Adios, Circuit City
  36. People will spend seven to nine dollars for VOD
  37. You don't have to "quit" analog cable, Smokey, its quitting YOU
  38. Vizio SLAPPED with multiple lawsuits
  39. Walmart $100 Gift Card Blu-ray Deal Includes PS3
  40. News from Outlaw Audio
  41. The Future of Audiophile Releases? Mudcrutch, Metallica, and others
  42. AC/DC goes Wal-Mart exclusive with their upcoming new release!
  43. New Format War Status: Blu-ray Now at 10% Market Share
  44. Well Peabody, you get your wish
  45. Release Dates for Blu-ray Discs.
  46. Key masters
  47. Blue Ray, Schmoo-Ray - Who Cares!
  48. Have you seen what the cable companies have been up to lately?
  49. Netflix and their 99$ movie machine
  50. New Harris Poll bashes Blu ray!
  51. It's here..... a sub $300.00 Blu-ray player
  52. An odd beast
  53. Sony new XBR8 LCD with LED technology.
  54. Dishnet The Fools Drop All Voom Channels
  55. DishNetowork Removes World Cinema HD Channel from Lineup
  56. Did we talk about CC being in Chapter 11?
  57. Is BR as a audio format already dead?
  58. memfile
  59. Microsoft May Build Copyright Cop Into Every Zune
  60. Neil Young to Release Music Archive on Blu-ray
  61. Blu-ray player sales down since January.
  62. Did you hear Best Buy is trying to buy 49% of D&M Holding?
  63. Blockbuster Offers to Buy Circuit City
  64. FCC fines retailers over TV labeling
  65. Walmart slashes CD prices
  66. Wal-mart offers up HD DVD returns
  67. Shhhhh Don't Tell Pix....Vizio is coming out with...A PLASMA!!!!
  68. New companion format to Blu-ray
  69. found in the sunday paper
  70. Bluray disc sales on the rise.
  71. Best Buy offers $50 rebate to HD-DVD owners, Circuit City offers trade-up to Blu-ray
  72. PS3 BD-Live Update Coming This Month
  73. $249 Bluray players in Walmart after the summer?
  74. Plasma Is Dead
  75. Dish Network just crapped their pants.
  76. Microsoft Says No Blu-ray for Xbox 360
  77. DVD 2.0? Toshiba is working on it.
  78. Its Official MS LOVES BR
  79. Tripath Site Gone ?? -- Whatup
  80. File this under "No Big Suprise" XBOX BR
  81. HD DVD/Blu-ray Swap Program From Circuitcity.
  82. Could, THIS, be the next movie service, surplanting all others
  83. Blu-ray Price Dropping.
  84. You've got to see this!
  85. It looks like Warner swallowed New Line Cinema
  86. The next step after Blu-Ray
  87. HDDVD for dirt cheap!
  88. Toshiba Spends $835M to Back PS3
  89. Pioneer to Stop Making 42" Plasma Screens
  90. Why the Video Download Market Is Still Years Away
  91. What is Onkyo talking about?
  92. Lessons From The Death of HD-DVD
  93. Paramount Comes Back to Blu-ray
  94. Future of Circuitcity.
  95. Format War Marches On! LG to Continue w/ HD-DVD
  96. Universal preparing to go Blu-ray
  97. It's Official: Toshiba Announces Discontinuation of HD-DVD Businesses
  98. It's All But Official: HD-DVD is Dead
  99. 1 Year Till Analog TV Signals Are Cut
  100. Wal-Mart puts stake through HD DVD's heart
  101. Hollywood Reporter: Toshiba to Drop HD-DVD
  102. Vizio Surrenders LCD TV Lead to Samsung and Sony
  103. Too little to late for the economy, but we will get a rebate
  104. Is High Def downloads choking the internet?
  105. Best Buy to Offically recommend Bluray beginning March
  106. NetFlix Drops HD-DVD
  107. hitachi electronics closing doors in australia
  108. Batman On Bluray
  109. Cable/Satellite Rating by Consumerreports.
  110. Great video about HDDVD/Bluray
  111. # 1000, thats "News" right?
  112. BB dropping the 80GB PS3?
  113. Old "newbie"
  114. Retailers Make More Room For Blu-ray
  115. 12AX7M is back in stock...
  116. Blu Tide Continues to Turn: Porn Studios Ready to Abandon HD-DVD?
  117. Sony to the skin trade; thats BLU, not blue
  118. Toshiba fights back......well kind of
  119. Panasonic's 150-Inch Plasma Opens CES
  120. Paramount Back to Blu-ray Says Financial Times
  121. The title wave begins, New Line goes Blu
  122. Toshiba's response to the Warner announcement.
  123. Warner Goes Blu - will drop HD-DVD by May 2008
  124. R.I.P RPTV (sonys out the door)
  125. Anyone find after Xmas sales figures for BR & HD-DVD??
  126. Pirates Black Pearl exchange now available
  127. MORE hd from Comcast
  128. Sony blu 299$, samsung 349$
  129. Toshiba is losing alot of money promoting HD DVD
  130. HD-DVD for 360 drops to $129
  131. Venturer HD-DVD player
  132. DLP HDTVs, projectors to be featured on 'Designing Spaces' TV show
  133. Onkyo HD-DVD player discontinued?
  134. Strange trip to wallmart
  135. Vs. the RIAA Goliath: Judge Kollar-Kotelly's making waves again....
  136. 80g PS3 + 15 free BR @ Walmart
  137. Dolby Digital Plus & HD DVD
  138. Blu-ray movies Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
  139. I love competition
  140. Black Friday CC & BB just added..
  141. Spring CEDIA 2008 cancelled
  142. Spidey BluRay sales disapointing.
  143. HD Software Bargains Thread
  144. Blu ray new retail price...399$
  145. Walmart Sub $99 HD DVD Toshiba HD A2 Walmart Deal 11/2/07
  146. Does not look like Warner is giving up Blu
  147. Sears Black Friday sale---Toshiba HD-DVD player for $169.99
  148. Take that BLU-Ray!!!!! A Sub $200 HD-DVD Player
  149. DirecTV's new HD channels require new receiver
  150. Is the PS2 hurting PS3?
  151. Did you hear Best Buy quit....
  152. Sony Blu-ray for 399$
  153. Radiohead Fans Feel Duped By In Rainbows' Poor Sound Quality
  154. greetings
  155. 40GB $399 PS3 Revealed With Spiderman 3 Bundle
  156. how much would you pay for free music?
  157. Does Bowie have taste.....
  158. Trouble at Harman International???
  159. HTSA goes Blu-ray exclusive
  160. Peruvian Vs. Pixelthis
  161. Pioneer & Sharp unite forces for Blu-ray
  162. Will prices on PS/3's come down for the holidays?
  163. China creates own high-def format.
  164. Dear Jazz Vinyl lovers,Start Saving Your Money!!!
  165. This is just great....
  166. Cheap HD DVD player coming this holiday season.
  167. As reported by BDA & news from IFA
  168. Vizio now #1 flat panel TV brand = Apex Digital?
  169. Blu-ray players out selling HD-DVD despite...
  170. Pioneer Kuro 60" PLasma PRO 150FD
  171. Panasonic on Tour
  172. SACD and DVD-A dead, but K2HD is HERE!!!?!!?!?
  173. China film group and acer computer go blu-ray
  174. Bosom Buddies...
  175. Blu-ray news
  176. Circuit City To Sell Lp's
  177. Is the HD format war a good thing? IMDB poll says no ...
  178. Mitsubishi has 3D Blu-ray player targeted for 1st of next year
  179. Paramount and Dreamworks Go HD-DVD Exclusive
  180. 300 Blu-ray outsells HD-DVD by 2-to-1
  181. Onkyo joins the HD-DVD camp: DV-HD805 with HDMI 1.3
  182. More Blockbuster action
  183. Outlaw Audio - We can only hope...
  184. Target goes Blu-ray hardware exclusively
  185. 360 HD-DVD Price Drop 5 Free Movies
  186. Dubious Product from Perreaux
  187. Now that's sounds like a pretty good McIntosh deal
  188. Disney HD only on Blu-Ray? NOT NOW!
  189. BIG BDP news guys
  190. More Blu-ray/HD-DVD format war articles
  191. Correction for early waveform reflection and the damage caused
  192. Denon don't make their own DVD players?
  193. Here's the scoop of a potential 10 or 5 free Blu ray movies
  194. NAD over Cambridge Audio?
  195. Where have I been, Marantz not Phillips anymore
  196. I'm going to Alaska!!!
  197. Fifth Element on Blu-ray being recalled.
  198. Hello
  199. Blockbuster to favor Blu-ray HD discs over DVD format
  200. Comcast promises 400 HD channels this year.
  201. Sad Day!
  202. Sony new Blu-ray player for $499.
  203. Internet Radio Wars Part Deux
  204. Lost Season 3 Dec 11, 2007 in Blu-Ray
  205. Directv Releases New HD Channel Plans
  206. OLPC a threat to the electronics industry?
  207. The Smashing Pumpkins...?
  208. Dts-ma???
  209. Crutchfield offering some high end
  210. Onkyo DTS-HD & Dolby TrueHD Receiver coming in late May.
  211. Pioneer Unveils Next Generation PDPs
  212. Gratitude Forum!
  213. Comcast Tops Satellite in HD Picture Quality Survey.
  214. Circuit City Recalls TV Mounts
  215. Radio Shack Commercial...
  216. Wal-Mart Shoots Down Cheap HD DVD Rumor.
  217. Ohm MicroWalsh on-walls?
  218. HD-DVD have upper hand in Europe.
  219. Mythbusters....
  220. Yahoo for lyrical database
  221. My CompUSA visit...
  222. $3 Microsoft Windows/Office Bundle - is the $5 Xbox next?
  223. For the analog crowd: Perreaux SXV2
  224. Even CEO Can't Figure Out How RadioShack Still In Business
  225. 1979 Newspaper w/ Stereo & Movie Ads
  226. W/Mrt Finalizes 2 MILLION HD-DVD Order
  227. Death of Internet Radio in US??
  228. Sony DVD Copyprotection Problems
  229. 1000!!!!!!!!!
  230. Tolkien's Children of Hurin book is out - what about the movie?
  231. SAMSUNG Electronics to Release Duo Hd Player
  232. Kurt Vonnegut dies..
  233. Congrats to Squeegy200!! - Review Contest Winner!
  234. new home for HK?
  235. I can not be silent
  236. HIGH-DEF Disc Absolute Sales Figures.
  237. DirecTV go mobile.
  238. Pr0n to Decide Next Generation DVD Winner?
  239. Is MS Stupid? HDMI 1.2 not 1.3 for Elite!
  240. PS3 Sales drop of 82% after record sales.
  241. The End (of DRM) is near
  242. HD-DVD/Blu-ray Format War Update (Week of 3/18)
  243. Circuitcity hiring cheaper labor.
  244. PS3 Less than retail on Ebay UK?
  245. 700 club!!!
  246. Toshiba rejects Blu-ray victory claim.
  247. CompUSA closing over half of it's stores
  248. New Xbox 360 $479 In April W/HDMI
  249. Blu-ray Weekly Sales Lead Widens to 4-to-1 (Week of 3/11)
  250. $40 subsidize coupons for digital TV switch.