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  1. Shao Lin Soccer vs. Dodgeball!
  2. Anyone going to see constantine?
  3. More Recent Rentals...
  4. Battlestar Gallactica
  5. Was Oliver Stone the right director for movie "Alexander"?
  6. Recent Rentals...
  7. Blockbusters "New" Policy....
  8. Friday Night Lights
  9. Which of premium channels have the best movies.
  10. gift card purchases...
  11. Anybody remember a film from the 80's called "Looker"?
  12. Okay Campers 2004 is fini.....what was your fave or worst films of the year?
  13. Open Water!
  14. Classic cartoon music - Tom & Jerry DVD
  15. Narnia
  16. To all my friends in my Fave Forum of All!!!
  17. Top Ten all time movies
  18. Lemony Snicket's - A Series of Unfortunate Events
  19. Return of the King Extended version
  20. Any Christmas favorites anybody?
  21. Ray
  22. Blade Trinity--Stay far, far away!!
  23. What the "BLEEP" do we know????
  24. VHS to DVD help needed
  25. Movies we DON'T want to see...
  26. Holy Hell Boy...Great film Review
  27. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-Review
  28. Anyone know what's supposed to be the "hot" winter movie?
  29. The In-Laws vs. The In-Laws
  30. The Chronicles of Riddick ..great sound, confusing
  31. The Thing vs. The Thing From Another World
  32. DVDs on your Christmas list
  33. Alright Gents, and Gentettes what did you watch this weekend?
  34. What to do with old VHS movie tapes?
  35. Checked out National Treasure this weekend
  36. A problem with DVD purchase. Need advice!
  37. Saw Polar Express in IMAX 3-D
  38. Napoleon Dynamite
  39. Off Topic Any Fans of 60's Hitchcock, Karloff Thriller or Untouchables TV Shows?
  40. Elf tickled my funny bone REVEIW
  41. Most Hackneyed" or worst Movie Lines you ever heard.
  42. Saw--slight spoilers
  43. OT: The Incredibles
  44. Csi: Miami
  45. High Fidelity....What are those speakers???
  46. Kurt Russell...an all purpose actor.
  47. Horribly disappointed by "The Grudge"
  48. Halloween marathons
  49. Dawn of the Dead!
  50. Van Helsing????
  51. The Passion of the Christ
  52. Team America
  53. The Obscure Top 5
  54. Opinions on Natural Born Killers
  55. The Day After Tomorrow WOW!!!!!
  56. The Third Man!!!!
  57. Looking for top 10 list on Surround sound movies
  58. Christopher Reeve RIP
  59. Shawshank Redemption
  60. Ubelievable!
  61. "Hey we're all gonna get laid!!!!"
  62. weekend rentals
  63. Janet Leigh R.I.P
  64. Watched Hildago last night
  65. Couple of favorites from Mr. Class...Cary Grant.
  66. How many movies do you watch?
  67. Monster....
  68. Holloween Films
  69. Everyone Always Makes a List of Favorite Films; How About Opinions on the WORST Films
  70. Star Wars DVD audio issues
  71. Sad day in Filmland. Russ Myers dead at 82
  72. Some thoughts on the Star Wars DVD's
  73. Can't wait for Sky Captain!!!!
  74. Star Wars Trilogy
  75. I will not buy Star Wars DVDs
  76. Prequel Or Sequel?
  77. Finder's Fee????
  78. Top Ten Fave Scenes from your fave movies.
  79. "Alien" question.
  80. "Always outnumbered": Laurence Fishburne at his best.
  81. Why didn't anybody warn me? (Cold Mountain)
  82. DEMO DVD's
  83. how about some movie posters?
  84. A plea from the Administrator!
  85. dvd?
  86. Six Feet Under
  87. Funny thing is about "Hero"...
  88. Just saw "Donnie Darko" WOW!!!!!
  89. A DVD Review: The Perfect Storm (Warner)
  90. Need help from cheesy horror film aficionados...
  91. Open Waters
  92. Okay, Here It Is: The Official, Long-Awaited GOODFELLAS Special Edition Review
  93. 2 of the best movies I've seen this year
  94. A DVD Review: Predator Collector's Edition (20th Century Fox)
  95. Finally - the definitive "Dawn of the Dead" set
  96. A New DVD Review: Reign of Fire (Buena Vista) & Comments on Alien vs. Predator
  97. Is Halle Barry (Catwoman) really that hot.....or not?
  98. Virtual double-features
  99. "Kill Bill Vol. 2" on DVD
  100. my favorite films
  101. Two MORE New DVD Reviews: Paycheck (Paramount) & The Lost Boys: Special Edition (WB)
  102. hellboy
  103. Blockbuster deal
  104. Two New DVD Reviews: My Boss's Daughter (Dimension) & Megalodon (Monarch)
  105. Happy happy joy joy! Ren & Stimpy coming to DVD!
  106. Driving a truck thru plothole in Manchurian Candidate (SPOILER INSDIDE!!!)
  107. Movie Idea
  108. M Night Shamalyn's "The Village"...
  109. 2 more controversial docs
  110. Hell Boy
  111. The Bourne Supremecy: There goes the franchise...
  112. Couple of "off the beaten track" serial killer movies for you to see
  113. I Robot.... mildly entertaining.
  114. Memories of Marlon...
  115. Die Hard: The Ultimate Collection Review (Fox)
  116. King Arthur (no spoilers . . yet)
  117. On a "lighter note"....
  118. The biggest "LIES" the movies ever told me.
  119. A Thumbs-Up Review: Butterfly Effect (New Line)
  120. The Hard Word
  121. best showpiece for 7.1 system?
  122. Christopher Guest Fans....
  123. Corn Dog Man
  124. Spiderman 2 RULES!!!
  125. Another Thumbs-Down Rental Review: Mystic River (Warner)
  126. Bubba Ho-Tep
  127. Bladerunner in 5.1?
  128. What movie was so vile/rotten you actually got up and walked out?
  129. need help finding web site w/ best 5.1or dts movies
  130. A trivial:What was the first movie put onto DVD?
  131. The Magdeline Sisters...
  132. City of God
  133. Moroder's Re-Edit of "Metropolis" (1984)
  134. Lost Boys SE & Black Hawk Down Superbit
  135. Chronicles and Mean Girls
  136. Top 100 movies, more or less
  137. has anyone seen the ring
  138. Here's a "Top Twenty" list (films)
  139. Lost in Translation....
  140. Goin' to See "The Day After Tomorrow" Tonight....
  141. Seen "Shrek 2" Twice!!!!
  142. The day before Christmas.....
  143. Id-4
  144. movie clips trailers
  145. Anyone seen Van Helsing yet?
  146. Best scene from original Star Trek movies.
  147. Has Anyone Seen "Man on Fire" Yet?
  148. Unfortunately, Another Bad DVD Review: The Italian Job (Michael Caine)
  149. new saving private ryan dvd question
  150. Kill Bill v2
  151. Japanese Anime
  152. Another New Review: Phone Booth (Fox)
  153. A New Review: Donnie Brasco Special Edition
  154. Two Short Films of Mine Screening in NYC
  155. Any Deadwood fans out there?
  156. Okay People....Just Got My "Corrected" Jurassic Park DTS DVD....
  157. Opinions on "Kill Bill" Vol. 1
  158. Worse Yet, Has Anyone Seen "The Punisher"?
  159. Anyone seen Kill Bill Vol.2 yet?
  160. Another DVD Review: Cold Creek Manor
  161. An Interesting Addition to My "Airport Terminal Pack" Post...
  162. Printable coupon for $.99 Blockbuster rental
  163. A Couple More DVD Reviews...Thoughts?
  164. A Review: Anchor Bay's DiviMax DTS "Dawn of the Dead"
  165. So... what did you think of the Revolutions sound mix?
  166. Seinfeld and Superman Amex skits
  167. Master and Commander DVD
  168. Hellboy, Dawn of the Dead, Master & Commander and The Rundown
  169. The Hobbit: New Line acquires the rights, filming begins 2005
  170. Lost In Translation? Is it me, or did this SUCK?
  171. NASCAR Imax in 3D
  172. movie recommendation
  173. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  174. What character would you most like to see killed?
  175. Last weekend's movies
  176. Official Sopranos season 5 discussion...
  177. Two fun movies about music..
  178. What scares(d) you the most?
  179. Speaking of Villains....
  180. How to capture a still frame off dvd??
  181. dawn of the dead finally on dvd
  182. The Triplettes of Belleville!!!!
  183. Now THIS is an Avatar....
  184. Starsky & Hutch and Mooseport
  185. Are you ready?the Passion thread
  186. Favorite "musician" movies
  187. Star Wars Trilogy announced....
  188. "Capturing the Friedmans" DVD documentary
  189. STAR WARS Special Edition films on DVD
  190. Where do you get your films?
  191. Monster
  192. The Obligatory Oscar Thread...
  193. Trinity and Beyond
  194. Mystic River, Cold Mountain, Lost in Translation, and some rentals.
  195. Good DVDs for surround demo?
  196. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...
  197. Big Fish
  198. A few recent viewings...
  199. The new Aliens are now out individually.
  200. Golden Globe Contest
  201. The Blues Brothers
  202. What Is Your Favorite Action Sequence From The LOTR Trilogy?
  203. The Triplets of Belleville
  204. Firefly ---the complete series .... have anyone watch it?
  205. Reconfirmed Why U571 is a STILL a DTS Reference Disc...
  206. Anyone Else Care To Comment on Pirates of the Caribbean?
  207. A good Weekend for movies...
  208. Overview: Saturday Night Fever DVD
  209. Another THUMBS UP Review: John Carpenter's Escape From New York: Collector's Edition
  210. Return of the King
  211. Bad Boyz II 2-Disc DVD
  212. Battlestar Galactica "mini series"
  213. The Last Samurai WOW!!!!
  214. Anyone going to get the Alien boxed set?
  215. Potc Dvd
  216. Riaders of the Lost Ark
  217. Gods and Generals
  218. More remakes?
  219. Little Voice
  220. "Honeymooners" Dilemma: Now I'm Pissed...
  221. I'm sold lock stock and barrel
  222. X2 -- now that's an audio track!
  223. DVDs...$5each, today & Saturday (11/28 & 11/29)
  224. Have a great Thanksgiving
  225. Has anybody been watching 8 simple rules
  226. Now Here's a Not-So-Hot DVD Review: WB's Demolition Man
  227. Star Trek Lovers Rejoice?
  228. Tomb Raider II -- poor audio IMO
  229. D-VHS/D-Theater: Do We Throw Out Our Beloved DVD?
  230. anyone seen the david Lynch Remastered films
  231. Favorite films this year.
  232. What are you looking forward to?
  233. Just Watched the Terminator 3 DVD...
  234. Fight Club
  235. Identity
  236. Paris Hilton clip!!
  237. Has Anyone Bought The Texas Chainsaw Special Edition DVD? Thoughts?
  238. Friday the 13th/Halloween Box Sets?
  239. Mono DVD Soundtracks
  240. Two Towers DVD
  241. Terminator 3 was awesome!
  242. King Crimson DVD: Eyes Wide Open
  243. Naked Lunch DVD
  244. Simpsons and the movies!
  245. Best movies seen lately