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  1. Quality CD's
  2. Pretty good disk with June's UNCUT
  3. Favorite record labels?
  4. Favorite record labels?
  5. Great article on LOUD CD's.
  6. off topic: initial impressions of HDTV
  7. Daveydot- Willard Grant news
  8. God, I need a comedy comp.
  9. The best festival we've ever missed
  10. Farewell to yer bud Uncle Gimpy
  11. In case you didn't hear...
  12. Marillion tour
  13. Your weekend wallet list.
  14. Carole King - Tapestry
  15. Paging Hyfi
  16. 3 "Album Sides" on one cd-r
  17. Hooked on Morphine
  18. Uncle Gimpy zapped again!
  19. Yes:Keystudio//a gushing review
  20. Guess Who Remastered at Bargain Prices
  21. Transatlantic Tuesday Thread
  22. Rave Recs Sampler for the general population
  23. Good celebratory music?
  24. NP: Les Savy Fav - Inches
  25. Steve Miller Band: Recall the Beginning
  26. Rave recordings!
  27. The Album Leaf - In a Safe Place
  28. Prog festival in Rochester, NY
  29. Bar-B-Q Blues!
  30. Top 5 Albums From 1977?
  31. Nobody's Industrial Trax Comp: Review
  32. off topic: do you know someone in the military?
  33. Regehr hits Fedatenko
  34. Your Friday Favourite?
  35. Question about Yes' -Keystudio
  36. Where the fark did DLD go????
  37. The Streets: A Grand Don't Come for Free
  38. CRSv9 belated comments:
  39. Who do you pretend to be when you're "pretending"?
  40. Josh Crane - Silverland
  41. Ewww, why did I buy this?
  42. Paging Finch Splat!
  43. I have been enlightened!!!
  44. Something a little different, but as good as anything I've heard in a long, long time
  45. New releases?
  46. Am I the only one consumed with pop-up troubles?
  47. It's Tuesday...wots in yer rotation?
  48. i'd like to share some music with you guys
  49. Anybody go shopping this weekend?
  50. Bring it on for The Killers - Hot Fuss
  51. off topic: “Wtoolsa" Windows error message???
  52. Weekend beer talk: Beck's anyone?
  53. Anyone have Desparate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes yet?
  54. Wire Post to Wire - Best album since OK Computer?
  55. Any Friday recs to rave about?
  56. How about those FLYERS!
  57. This Is Making Me Insane !!!!!!!
  58. Calling all rocker has-beens: Ebay to launch new record label?
  59. ZZ Top : One Foot In The Blues (a review)
  60. The RaveReccer Formerly Known As RPM
  61. My Terrible Tuesday (OT)
  62. in response to Jar... my top 5 concerts of all time (post yours, of course)
  63. For your list-reading pleasure...
  64. Modest Mouse...So, what's the verdict?
  65. Industrial reccommendations?
  66. OT: They finally managed a pop-up that gets through
  67. Oh man I need new music to listen to... HELP!
  68. Tain
  69. any folks on here do home recordings? or studio even?
  70. You are the Quarry
  71. Smile.........Better late than never.
  72. Candy Bars
  73. Can we have some Aztec Camera appreciation?
  74. Girl Anachronism? Dresden Dolls? MTV2?
  75. Toosday Toons
  76. Richard Thompson "Dear Janet Jackson" mp3 download
  77. the passage of my life is measured out in shirts
  78. So, what did you do over the weekend?
  79. Anyone else found that Djangos sucks?
  80. Purchased the Diana Krall album "The Girl in the Other Room"
  81. Long Lost Box of LPs Returned To Me
  82. The Secret Machines - Now This is Nowhere: an album that can unite us?
  83. Los Lonely Boys music featured on "Joan of Arcadia"
  84. What song(s) mean "summer" to you?
  85. Road trip.......what should I listen to?
  86. How 'bout a "Friday - song-o-the-day" thread?
  87. What do you want written on your headstone?
  88. Tierney Sutton - Dancing In The Dark - Personal Summary
  89. You just gotta love used cd stores
  90. Paging the Worfster: some sad news dude.
  91. "a record as good as this only comes along once in a generation"
  92. Now what do I do?
  93. BarryL;Nektar;Toronto
  94. Will the Guilty CRSv9 Contributors Please Stand Up
  95. Nude Photos Inside
  96. Very Impressed with Neal Morse Demos
  97. upcoming shows
  98. FP's Mystery Disc - who is it?
  99. What, no Tuesday "whatcha been listneing to" thread? Heres one>>
  100. Heck, I'd go if I lived in California
  101. Mother's Day Fistfight...
  102. Yes Review
  103. Mothers Day
  104. Black Heart Procession DVD?
  105. Thanks to my Jackass friends!!!
  106. Speaking of movie soundtracks...
  107. recent SACD / DVD audio discs
  108. Calexico is one hot diggity dog damn fine band!
  109. JC's Non Compos Mentis // a sort of review
  110. Alright, we're going to see 3 groups Sat. night, who's gonna be the best?
  111. Question for those w/ a sub/sat system
  112. What the hell possessed me to get THIS?
  113. I shook Jon Anderson's hand today!
  114. Wow! Uncle Gimpy/YECH got yanked already.
  115. Group comp of movie soundtracks?
  116. What's at the top of YOUR wishlist?
  117. Friday's Favorite?
  118. The lifespan of CDs
  119. Anybody want this F Ferdinand disc?
  120. New Orleans Jazz Fest review and comments.
  121. favorite poll
  122. Got a package of Elf Pee in the mail today.
  123. Mp3's playlists
  124. Yes to tour with Dream Theatre
  125. Live ELO
  126. What did you listen to on your morning commute to work?
  127. Hey IZZ fans....
  128. Bootlegs
  129. More used tunes
  130. Screw Jazz Fest, FLYERS WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  131. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Public Enemy v. NWA
  132. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Iron Maiden v. Opeth
  133. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: King Crimson v. Dream Theater
  134. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Led Zeppelin v. New York Dolls
  135. Paging Swish, Hyfi and other hockey fans.
  136. Hey, it's Tuesday! Playlist time.
  137. Speaking of polls, where's Mad Rhetoric?
  138. Part 2 CRSv9 Poll
  139. Disregard post
  140. Not including your track, what other track on CRSv9 are you most impressed with?
  141. What about Eleventh Dream Day?
  142. Technical help needed please.
  143. So Much Knowledge
  144. I need help finding a good deal...
  145. FA's Mystery Disc
  146. Where's the love for Lali Puna?
  147. Beating Swish to the punch, or, New Orleans Jazzfest - 2004
  148. Tower Records sale ending today
  149. Worth 1,000's Rock On! Photoshop contest.
  150. Which Rolling Stones versions to go with?
  151. Number 9...number 9...number 9.. (PPG CRS review)
  152. I found Neil Diamond Prog something
  153. Has anyone seen my flak jacket? CRSv9 comments inside
  154. Hockey violence (off topic, obviously)
  155. I'm gonna take a wild stab at FA's Mystery Disc.
  156. Anybody up for "Match Game CRSv9" ???
  157. Wow, this Franz Ferdinand CD is good!
  158. Richie Cordell died?
  159. Uh, what does CRSv9 stand for?
  160. What song or band dove your mom nuts?
  161. Got CRSv9!
  162. Does anyone know these Pink Floyd albums?
  163. Lets Talk Acoustic
  164. Friday's Best Disc.....
  165. Nobody's Handsome Family
  166. Bad album covers...
  167. Einstürzende Neubauten live...
  168. Anyone have the feelies for those crazy rhythms in 1980?
  169. What womans name is used most often in populer music?
  170. Sabbath Boxed Set
  171. If you like 60's Byrds mixed with The Coral
  172. New Beasties? Anyone hear it?
  173. Where are all the Dismemberment Plan fans???
  174. Has anybody seen nobody?
  175. Dianna Krall to play free concert today
  176. Beethoven - Fidelio
  177. Just upgraded, need some help
  178. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Bob Dylan v. Tom Waits
  179. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: The Cure v. The Police
  180. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Ramones v. The Stooges
  181. Elf Pee's Mystery Disc
  182. It's a new Tuesday ToonTime...
  183. Joss Stone... Best new female vocalist?
  184. Thanks..DaveM, Tony, Finch
  185. CRSv9 Mail Alert
  186. Best decade for rock and roll?
  187. Quick! This may be your last chance for a comp before the Internet is attacked!
  188. Poll, Japanese Female Garage Band Division: Shonen Knife vs. The
  189. The Office (the TV show)
  190. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Green River v. Soundgarden
  191. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: The Pixies v. REM
  192. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Dismemberment Plan v. Slint
  193. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Radiohead v. Wilco
  194. Fans of Big Wreck, check out Thornley!!
  195. $38 spent on 2 "used" items! (thanks Dustychalk)
  196. The Rave Rec'ers head to the New Orleans Jazz Fest!
  197. OT: Cujo
  198. E-Z Listening Devo??
  199. Help me find new music for my wife...
  200. yoshimi/the flaming lips
  201. Hey Minutemen fans...
  202. Troy is the next Phil Spector
  203. Let it Bleed - Rolling Stones. Their best?
  204. Paging Jar, re: Roxio equalizer
  205. I'm gonna be on the Today show tomorrow
  206. Carrack is one year Younger than Frampton ?
  207. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Massive Attack v. Bjork (FINAL)
  208. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: James Brown v. Marvin Gaye (FINAL)
  209. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: John Lennon v. Paul McCartney (FINAL)
  210. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: The Who v. Beatles (FINAL)
  211. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: The Smiths v. Stone Roses (FINAL)
  212. Nice writeup on 16 Horsepower
  213. off topic ... haunting website
  214. Software effects applied to .wav files
  215. Cool rock artwork here:
  216. Help from the Canadians??? Whats the scoop on Sam Roberts???
  217. Another Mystery Disc is now available.
  218. CRSv9 - Step Right Up
  219. Can someone please tell me . . .
  220. Never thought I'd see Modest Mouse in the Billboard Top 20
  221. blinded by lovedust
  222. XTC played at the grocery store
  223. The 50 Worst Songs Ever
  224. Is Billy Squire Gay?
  225. Riddle me this....
  226. Cream Box Set Has terrible sound
  227. The Killers - Somebody told me...
  228. Paging Swishy (OT)
  229. What's your "guilty pleasure"?
  230. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Metallica v. Sepultura
  231. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Beastie Boys v. Run-DMC
  232. Yeah, disregard this one too...
  233. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Rush v. Jethro Tull
  234. Disregard this post
  235. Review of Billy Joel's The Stranger SACD
  236. Who's up for a mystery review?
  237. We're still doing a Tuesday thread, right?
  238. High Llamas - Beet, Maize & Corn - anyone here heard this?
  239. paginh hyfi re: GOVT MULE
  240. "Jam band" comp available... Free!
  241. CRSv9 "Whodunnit" update (slackers beware)
  242. The 'big brother' aspect of this site makes me a bit uncomfortable sometimes
  243. Live Accoustic Prog Doesn't Get Much Better
  244. What have you played a zillion times and still like a lot?
  245. Bob Marley - Exodus
  246. OT: If you travel, you're gonna want this product!
  247. Live Albums ( O No)
  248. The return of the Weekend Beer Critic!
  249. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Cream v. Aerosmith
  250. Rave Recs Favorites Contest: Johnny Cash v. Bob Marley