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  1. Muzishare x7 amp
  2. RC4558P opamp replacement
  3. What could be the issue?
  4. xls 1002 has very poor quality sound , very disappointed...
  5. 7.1 and speaker b
  6. Accuphase c-200, X, L, and V What the difference ?
  7. what to use
  8. Caspian m2: Is it worth it these days? - Upgrade Q
  9. Nad C356BEE won't turn on
  10. Alabama staff, supporters rejoice specially unattainable identify function
  11. about "amp in the box" pedals
  12. Improve loudness on Samson SR950
  13. Added a Cambridge CXA60
  14. Chó Bull Pháp
  15. Adding a product for customer review
  16. Adding a product for customer review
  17. Quad 44 pre amp
  18. I chose to give up the sonos because it
  19. Denon pma-1500r
  20. denon dra-375rd or harman kardon HK 3370 ?
  21. Sophia Electric Baby II - Sengle-ended Amplifier, anyone?
  22. Hafler Repairs
  23. Reciever left in Standby vs Off?
  24. Accuphase E210 upgrade
  25. Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS Tube Rolling for better Mid
  26. 70 V Distributed systems - Crestron Saros IC6T
  27. counterpoint sa2000 preamp
  28. Need help servicing a Peachtree Audio iNova
  29. Sae 2401
  30. Help PLS with PreAmp Chiro C-800 as I don't get any signal thru amps to speakers
  32. How to replace a valve amp
  33. Sonance 2-125 vs Audiosource 210vs
  34. Glory kasusarmor, Kelompok Tani desadusun Penggalang Undang Ekonom Senior Rizal Ramli
  35. Schiit Audio (Freya+Vidar mono) VS Luxman L-590AX
  36. jolida Sj502A amp and velodyne HGS sub
  37. Looking for a new Preamp for my Musical Fidelity 3.2cr amp
  38. NAD L40 vs Rotel RX 845
  39. Nakamichi TA-4A issue.
  40. fs:Mark Levinson No 32 reference pre-amp
  41. fs:Pass Labs X-600.5 monoblock amplifiers
  42. Looking for feedback on choosing a 2-channel amp
  43. Blown channel sansui 5000A
  44. Vintage Kenwood M2,with T1 tuner,C1 preamp
  45. Help with buying new Amp!
  46. Amplifier for Paradigm Monitor 7 v2
  47. Comment forum
  48. Designing microphone preamplifier using MAX4468
  49. integrated amplifier for canton
  50. Classé CP 800 II preamp wiht DAC issue
  51. Does LM1875 oscillate on account of PCB trace length?
  52. Coupling Capacitor Upgrade
  53. Amp comparable to the Marantz PM-68
  54. Choice of Extender
  55. Upgradeitis
  56. Blasphemy- or what is wrong with my hearing
  57. Parasound HCS-2200 mk I
  58. ADVICE FOR BUYING: Onkyo TX-DS575X VS Yamaha HTR-2064
  59. Why does my SS amp need to warm up?
  60. help me choose
  61. MDS-6A amplifier
  62. Monoprice Monolith amplifier
  63. Does more power=Better Sound?
  64. Shopping for new Integrated Amp
  65. Newbie amp math
  66. Need LOW budget suggestions
  67. NAD D3020 Class D Integrated Amplifier
  68. Amplifier suggestions
  69. Upgrade addiction - need advice
  70. Yamaha AX-570 amp
  71. Pass Labs B1 preamp build
  72. An interesting article about phono ready budget amps
  73. Change in System Line Up
  74. AMP suggestion?
  75. Oh Krell, my Krell
  76. Quad 44 Preamp Moving Magnet Phono Module wanted
  77. Let's Pretend
  78. What to do about an Integra remote not working
  79. Best ~$3000 Amp for HT & Music
  80. Vincent SP-998 /SP-T800
  81. Re: Importação Arquivo notas eletrônica
  82. Finally, my Stereo dream is complete
  83. Question on a Fisher Studio Standard Integrated Stereo Amplifier CA-100 early 1980's
  84. newbie question about dual monoblock vs bridged 4 channel
  85. Using Pass-Through of Tube Preamp to Acheive HT
  86. Pass vs Parasound
  87. Marantz PM5004 Integrated
  88. HSU Research
  89. changing the power cord on Nad 3020i
  90. Hi, first time here. I have a Nad 2200 Power Amplifier.
  91. Subwoofer wiring with stereo integrated amplifier - help
  92. Marantz 2325, what speakers?
  93. Stereo Preamp recommendations
  94. Yamaha rx-v3900 right side sound only on certain inputs
  95. Tri TRV-88SER integrated Tube
  96. Amp and speaker setup help!
  97. Head phone am pave to use it
  98. Does NAD C315BEE and NAD C740 go together?
  99. Harman Kardon PM640 Vxi
  100. Connecting active KEF subwoofer to Marantz 6010OSE
  101. Impedance selector on Nad 3020
  102. Vintage/old Amps
  103. Krell S-300i vs Momentum int. amp
  104. Transcendent Sound gears
  105. Any thoughts on Pathos?
  106. Ecko Integrated Tube Amp?
  107. Amp design
  108. Pre Amp Main Output Options
  109. Class D Replacement for Dynaco ST-120 ??
  110. New from Yamaha
  111. Vincent SP331 with a Parasound 2100
  112. What gives tube amps their warm distortion? The preamp tubes or power tubes?
  113. Preamps, power amps, and tuners?
  114. My BIG-LOTTERY amplfier(s)
  115. Phono setup Amp suggestions needed!
  116. speaker wiring question.
  117. Home Stereo Amp help
  118. Cary Preamplifier Has Landed
  119. denon 4520ci
  120. looking for help with DAC/AMP for B&W 683's
  121. New Preamp Search is Back On
  122. Newbie - Record Player and Speakers Question ....
  123. New member - need help with amp question
  124. Jolida SJ 502A
  125. How to select Amps and Speaker Selector for a set of speakers
  126. Ping Jack
  127. BAT Preamp
  128. Peach Tree
  129. Primare SP33 vs Cary Cinema 12?
  130. McIntosh preamp?
  131. Integrated Amp for Wild Burro Betsy Open Baffle....
  132. pre/power amp query
  133. Pass Lab fanciers
  134. Sony and Pass Labs team up
  135. Simple PA System
  136. Mccormack DNA 500?
  137. Upgrade options
  138. Thoughts on old school versus new amps?
  139. NAD C375BEE Subwoofer set up
  140. onkyo a-9050
  141. Help with Amp choice
  142. Great Reading
  143. Pass Labs X150.5 Has Arrived
  144. Coda
  145. Pass X1 preamp
  146. Pass Labs Purchase
  147. Pass Labs X150.5 Audition.......Almost
  148. Class-D build walk me through it.
  149. Preamp tape out suitable to a different preamp?
  150. Primare SP33 vs Bryston SP3
  151. Ncore
  152. TAS 2013 recommended power amps
  153. Bullet bitten and trigger pulled
  154. Primare SP33 vs Marantz AV8801
  155. Kenwood Basic M2A cutting out...
  156. Which amp for my Monitor MA4 speakers (1976)
  157. Onkyo TX-NR616: Connecting wireless headset
  158. 4 ohm and 8 ohm speakers simultaneously on a tube amp?
  159. Pass Labs X250
  160. Active vs. passive preamps - recent experience
  161. New to the forum. Problem with my RB 951 power amp.
  162. Thinking About Tube Rolling Again
  163. Taking the Hi End Plunge?
  164. What exactly are the differences between an Onkyo unit and it's Integra counterpart?
  165. New guy
  166. yba heritage a100
  167. Now I get what retubing is about...
  168. Kenwood A-97 amp help needed
  169. Forté Model 5 on the way
  170. Power question - plug placement
  171. Bm3 power amp user manual
  172. New Amp
  173. Marantz Model 3650 Preamplifer Manual
  174. B & K Pro 10 MC preamp schematic
  175. Kenwood KA 92 B troubleshoot
  176. Best ~$2000 Amplifier - ATI, ParaSound, Emotiva, Outlaw, Theta
  177. Avr with phono imput
  178. Pre-amplifier Outlaw 990 or Anthem Avm30
  179. Yaqin SD- CD3 tube buffer- schematic
  180. Throw ideas at me
  181. Quad 405-3 power amplifier weird noises
  182. Krell Preamps comparsion
  183. Conrad Johnson solid state: any thoughts?
  184. Connecting Passive Sub to Home Theatre Receiver
  185. Is my amp any good?
  186. Can you connect a bass amp to a power amp ?
  187. Harman Kardon HK series
  188. NAD VS Harman/Kardon
  189. Let us see your amp/preamp/receiver nudies
  190. Which amp should I be using? T-Amp vs vintage Harman/Kardon integrated
  191. Yamaha AX-570 Amp- Needs Cleaning
  192. Question for B.R.
  193. Interesting Read on Tubes and SS amps
  194. Need Help with a Fuse for AR 108PS Sub
  195. Need help. Pairing Martin Logan Sequel II with 4 Watt tube power amp
  196. Yamaha RX1100U amplifier
  197. New Emotiva Reference amps
  198. Amp Search Over!!!
  199. Amp suggestions for Magnepan 1.6
  200. Kenwood m a100
  201. tubes to solid state . . .
  202. NAD 214 Advice needed
  203. need advice on upgrading amp
  204. amplifer for Stage return speakers
  205. Replacing 12ax7 tubes in Jolida 202
  206. back to Class A/B for me
  207. Nad c370 sub hook up
  208. Denon POA 2400a (pics from under the hood)
  209. Seeking ideas around problem with new amp
  210. Grant Fidelity DAC-11 tube rolling
  211. Yamaha YDS12 Dock Port Adapter
  212. Krell ksa 80 amp blowing circuit breaker when turned on
  213. help with settup subwoofer on vintage yamaha c-4 preamp for 2-channel stereo
  214. Quad and Leak - help !
  215. Audio-Technica-AT-LP120-USB-Direct-Drive-Professional-Turntable
  216. Path to Pass Labs
  217. How does 33 cents per watt sound?
  218. Class D Audio power supply upgrade
  219. What can you say about these amplifiers?
  220. I've got the power!
  221. A nice digital amp shootout....
  222. Qinpu A-6000 (MKll)
  223. 340 Watts of SET Amplification
  224. By request "a friend's looking for help in deciding on a setup."
  225. Dayton amp reviews
  226. Looking for some advice/education from people familiar with the Miniwatt/APPJ amps
  227. Blew up the Krell S-300i
  228. Found what I was looking for
  229. New Class D Amp on the Scene + more
  230. Myryad, New 2,5,7 power amplifiers from AA
  231. Fun with New Toy
  232. Art Dudley on single ended triode amps
  233. Motorized volume pot noise
  234. Wired 4 Sound amps.
  235. Today Sugden, tomorrow?
  236. Tube-phobia - founded or unfounded?
  237. Pictures of my Tri-amped Open Baffles
  238. Weird or What?
  239. Interesting article on SET amps
  240. My friend's strange amp playing 4 inch horns
  241. Golden Lion tubes 12AX7
  242. Bottlehead Paramours and Foreplay III
  243. Match made in heaven + fully-balanced as a bonus
  244. Yet another high-end class D amp
  245. Replacing Sony STR-DE935 with HDMI unit
  246. Check out the new Class D amps at PE
  247. Marantz, Creek, or some other amp
  248. pulled trigger on class d audio
  249. New Class D Audio Complete Amplifiers
  250. Finally Bi-Amped my Clearfields