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  1. best type of cables - help please
  2. Can you?
  3. speaker wire question
  4. Bare Wire or WBT Connectors
  5. Is bigger always better
  6. DIY coaxial
  7. Cable extensions
  8. upgrading my speaker wire
  9. beginner's power cable questions
  10. Help with bi-wiring and cable size/quality
  11. What gauge of speaker wires do I need?
  12. Electronic stores and quality cables.
  13. Interesting aspect of Kimber Kable 4VS
  14. I hope
  15. Speaker wire gauge question
  16. No Joke: Candlestick is now MONSTER PARK (?!)
  17. Old Tara Labs any good?
  18. Red=Left, Blue=Right ???
  19. My homemade interconnects
  20. Acoustic Research AV interconnects
  21. Speaker cable help, please!
  22. Proper cabling for a sub...
  23. Cabling Question
  24. How Much are Cable Companies Ripping You Off
  25. Needing new Cables
  26. RCA Connections HELP please
  27. ...And on a lighter note...
  28. beginner cable q's
  29. Will I see a difference?
  30. Reviews on VAN DEN HUL COMPOLINE?
  31. Monster PowerCenter HTS400
  32. How to measure speaker wires gauge?
  33. Zu Cable Oxyfuel any good?
  34. Stumped by question about speaker cables - need help
  35. Dayton Audio Interconnects
  36. 4.2 system
  37. terminating audioquest c4 cables
  38. Speaker Wire
  39. What in the world is going on here??
  40. Goodbye, cruel world!
  41. Is this "sound advice" or more "snake-oil" and "voodoo"?
  42. A brief trip to the Bizzarro World
  43. Balanced XLR vs. Unbalanced RCA ?
  44. Recommendations for cable for outside speakers
  45. Hooking up speakers
  46. HDMI advantage?
  47. Suppose FCC set up guidelines for cable industry.
  48. BetterCables.Com Ad on AudioReview.Com
  49. Computer audio to AV receiver???
  50. Anyone use THX Cables I'm happy with them
  51. multi-channel
  52. Straight Wire?
  53. "When my wife heard new cables.." episode now coming from a magazine editor.
  54. Coax Differences
  55. free wire for speakers??
  56. Monster Ultra Cables Test Operation Was Sucess But the Patient Died!
  57. Speaker Wire Gauge Question
  58. Different cables to BI-WIRE B&W DM 601 S3 and Marantz SR6300 (van den hul cables)
  59. Van Damme/Neutrik Interconnects for sale on Ebay
  60. Which "used cable" site is the best?
  61. Any cables that you do get better sound & picture on?
  62. Are Monster Ultra THX Cables Worth Buying?
  63. Here's something I never considered before....
  64. The Larger Picture
  65. Naysayers: The Absolute Sound is your pal!
  66. Engineering White Papers suggest that only A/B comparison..
  67. You've heard of Uri Gellar, re: bending spoons....
  68. Bass loss with balanced cables?
  69. Is anyone out there using comcast cable?
  70. mixing cables
  71. Cable Surgery
  72. Should power cords be shielded?
  73. While surfin'...
  74. Subwoofer interconnects recommendation
  75. LFE cable / Digital coax questions...
  76. Possible to eliminate that slight hiss?
  77. Best Place to buy Audio/Video Equipment
  78. RCA Interconnect Line Noise Problem
  79. Which cables do I need to get?
  80. ISO 5.1 component audio switch box
  81. S-Video versus Component/quality of cables important?
  82. JBL's Internal Monster Wiring
  83. Old plug replacement question?
  84. Plug wires for cars
  85. speaker wire & banana plug combo (Sound King & Dayton Audio)
  86. You guys ought to publish your theories!
  87. Questions on bare wire connection
  88. Need 20 ft long cable -- will optical work?
  89. Well Tony - Steve appears to have leaped off that fence.
  90. A quetion about cable lengths.
  91. Is a cable "Fence-sitter" always a Fence-sitter?
  92. Jneutron, stock power cords and ground problems?
  93. DVI HD cable brand.. be nice I'm a virgin
  94. Using RG4 Shielded Coax Cable instead of RCA for video signal (13 meters)
  95. red dawn compatibility ?
  96. digital coax or normal RCA
  97. This method of cable evaluation, as an alternative to DBT.
  98. Mapleshade ?
  99. Sighted listening unreliable?
  100. is fay wire any good
  101. subwoofer cable
  102. Am I fooling myself?
  103. are monster cables any good
  104. cable brand question
  105. For All of You Who Love and Cherish Jon.
  106. Recommendation for modest surround speaker cable
  107. Dedicated circuits and power strips
  108. Banana Plugs
  109. HTS 1000 MKII PowerCenter
  110. Can you use coax for video with s-video adaptors and will it improve the picture?
  111. Geneva High Performance Source Cable Interconnect
  112. Cable recommendation for B&W speakers
  113. Would all cables sound alike under DBT test?...Probably not!
  114. to biwire or not.. also seeking alternative to Monster Cable
  115. which banana plug to buy?
  116. My imagination is contagious....
  117. Matter of Perspective
  118. How are MIT speaker cables supposed to work?
  119. old connection
  120. Jneutron, inductance of twisted vs parallel cables.
  121. Uneven speaker wire length
  122. Subwoofer cable?
  123. Video Up conversion and Bi-wiring Q's
  124. Testing and the Scientific Method
  125. Null Hypothesis
  126. banana vs spade
  127. Question on Digital cable
  128. How much does "Power of Suggestion" influence cable purchases?
  129. Need insights from cable-gurus
  130. Monster Vs Acoustic research component video cable
  131. Here's an interesting site to ponder.
  132. Using CAT5 for speaker wire is the dumbest idea ever
  133. do speaker cables make a difference???
  134. Interresting reading.
  135. please help with speaker cable DIY
  136. home depot DIY
  137. Need Interconnects for whole HT System
  138. Thanks for the interesting discussions.
  139. specific question on home depot cables
  140. question for mrtrycraft and others
  141. Coax Digital/Analog for Sub-woofer?
  142. Cheap Wire Input - HQ vs non-HQ
  143. Agh: cables
  144. Offers
  145. Is component video hook-up only better on larger TVs?
  146. Audio cable, video cable...
  147. What's the real scoop on cable "signal direction"
  148. do you know tara labs (i need advice)
  149. Coxial, optical or component connection
  150. Nice to see that
  151. MITerminator boxes?
  152. surround speaker wire questions.
  153. Speaker Wire running parallel to Household 120v
  154. Coax cable for connection DVD to Reciever
  155. Wire is no Wire: The proof? You decide!
  156. long cable run for sub - 40 feet long ?
  157. solid or stranded
  158. Doesn't anybody get burned out arguing about wires sometimes?
  159. Power cord and IC affecting sound..
  160. Interconnects double-blind
  161. Hiding the wires and cables
  162. NY Times; Coke Vs Pepsi article
  163. Conponent video cables - 60 feet, build them myself ?
  164. Analysis Plus hollow oval cables
  165. Jon made a good argument about HT setup vs Cable effects.
  166. Any recommendations for good, cheap RCA cables?
  167. Speaker Wire Question
  168. Wire is Wire - The Proof
  169. Can someone explain if the RCA-male-to-2-female
  170. The Very Best Cables Are
  171. DVI cable lenght
  172. Is it OK to use RCA-male-to-2-RCA-female jack
  173. Say Tony, why haven't you posted this one yet?
  174. I actually noticed a difference: Monster Lightspeed 100 vs. Monster Lightspeed 200
  175. PS Audio Cables
  176. More on the Mythbusters....
  177. Connect 2 or more component video cable
  178. Can someone direct me to some info on Banana Plugs
  179. Jon Risch speaker cable is selling for $10-15/ft by cable venders.
  180. Material
  181. Alpha Core Goertz cables
  182. What sub cable to get
  183. Is there any way to archive these reference articles?
  184. I need help with audio interconnects????
  185. Biwiring
  186. My ode to Cables
  187. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link
  188. Why is there so much hostility on this board lately?
  189. Does video cable length degrade a video signal?
  190. PolyTron speaker cable
  191. Zu Cable
  192. Hey Mark. Are A/B tests worthless?
  193. Recommended Read for the Everything-Sounds-The-Same-Club
  194. coax digital vs coax analog
  195. Short A/V cables
  196. How about we categorize exotic cables as ...
  197. Replacing a non-polarized power plug on my vintage amplifier
  198. First experience with power conditioning
  199. Dr.Toole's faith in his ears
  200. bi-wiring
  201. Eichmann Product Review
  202. Be nice to fellow audiophiles ... except maybe Those Pesky WireNuts
  203. Question on a toslink cable?
  204. BetterCables vs. BlueJeans
  205. Can we categorize exotic cables as luxury rather than necessity?
  206. Power cord and sub cable
  207. Dr.Toole and JBL
  208. Ok, help me out here...
  209. speaker wire assistance
  210. Question about clips
  211. Which Speaker wire/cable to use?
  212. Where are the sites to buy good cables online?
  213. Connecting a Sub
  214. Amazing how some can tell subtle differences between cables.
  215. Component versus S-video quality
  216. Converter question?
  217. Mythbusters
  218. dvi vs. component video for hdtv
  219. hooking up cd player what wire should I use?
  220. Monster Clean Power Bars
  221. speaker cables vs speaker wire
  222. Null Hypothesis
  223. optical cable
  224. "The Cable Budget Guide" by Chris
  225. direction arrows on cables ...
  226. How can you get-by without this IC cable ($1400)?
  227. You might be a yeasayer if ...
  228. Extending speaker cables...
  229. Home made Cable ?
  230. NXG a good cable?
  231. Newbie needs help with cables
  232. the next naive question
  233. coax vs. fiber
  234. Need recommendation for cheap, good cables
  235. anyone know about NXG brand cables?
  236. Bought Everything today - Are these cables good enough?
  237. 7 year old acoustic research pro series speaker wire is tarnished
  238. jps labs speaker cable
  239. Is a heavy guage power cord helpful?
  240. brands
  241. So is there no middle ground between yea and naysayers?
  242. bi wire
  243. Van Den Hul Cables
  244. Few appreciate how pervasive the placebo effect really is.
  245. You might be a naysayer if ...
  246. Two questions about DBT.
  247. How about this argument as to why cables sound different.
  248. cable recommendation
  249. Measurable Quantitative differences in cables
  250. This May Be of Interest